Ольга Рапунцель раскрыла секрет красоты своих волос
Ex-member show “Dom-2” told about their main advantage.

Photo: Instagram

Olga Rapunzel came to the project “Dom-2” is less than three years ago. She immediately remembered by the viewers and fans of the show because of their long and beautiful hair. Not everyone can boast of such a shock! Thanks hair she nicknamed Rapunzel, in honor of the famous Princess from the disney cartoon.

Taking care of such long hair can be difficult. Many fans Oli’s dream to grow the same braid as your favorite stars. So now that Rapunzel has free time on maternity leave, she decided to share with followers on Instagram secrets of her beauty. She and her fans have even coined a special hashtag, which in the social network you will find her beauty posts — “repatterning”. The beginning of Olga, of course, the hair.

“You all know that my hair is my pride! — she wrote. For care I use not just effective remedies but also, first and foremost, safe. Perfectly done by my favorite complex brand Femfatal. Now I will share with you my impressions about these wonderful tools. Mask for hair growth I got just a gorgeous effect. Visibly reduced hair loss and see new hairs, and it is only after six weeks of use! The comb began to remain less hair, and it made me very happy! My favorite is elixir. Hair becomes smooth, silky, and very cool Shine. But you just spray the product on hair after drying! And the last step is the serum anti-split ends. Hair immediately becomes soft and more nourished. I also like that all funds are hypoallergenic and non-hormonal, so suitable for everyone, including during pregnancy and breastfeeding, which is very important for me now!”

In response to revelations Rapunzel its subscribers will have to criticize some actions of the stars. First, they advised to dry the hair, as constant exposure to hot air is bad for their structure. And also they noticed that in the period after birth, hair are expected to fall heavily is a natural process that is almost impossible to stop. But in the future nature will save the day.