Милота дня: забытый в самолете медвежонок вернулся к хозяину

Teddy bear toy flew from Argentina to Britain on a British Airways gold card.

A touching story of a lost Teddy bear Fluff was a hit in the news.

Not so long ago, the family Cranmer turned to users of social networks who flew with them from UK to Buenos Aires, asking them to return the favorite toy of their eight-month-old son. During the trip, a British family to visit my grandfather bear Pooh was forgotten on Board the aircraft, and now their kid misses him very much…

After a few days the staff of British Airways wrote to Cranmer response letter: the bear managed to find and deliver back to London.

However, before to return the family Down, representatives of the aircraft photographed during his journey. And get the whole album!

First, the bear was captured during the boarding ticket, then in the waiting hall of departure and, finally, during the flight. Incidentally, Pooh was sitting on Board one on the most comfortable armchair of the plane, and before boarding I looked at a map, drew pictures, drank water and slept on the pillow.

On arrival to their native land of Down met his eight-month host with mom and dad!

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