Матвиенко и Воробьев оценили шансы Лазарева на «Евровидении»

Woman’s Day talked about the candidacy of Sergei with the singing teacher, the famous producer and one of the previous bidders.

Russian singer Sergey Lazarev in this year preparing to represent Russia at “Eurovision-2016” in Stockholm. According to bookmakers, the singer is the sole favorite of the competition, and so believe they are not alone. The same vocal coach Larisa Kudryavtseva, music producer Igor Matvienko and participant of “Eurovision-2011” Alexey Vorobev.

Larisa Kudryavtseva, who is the head of the school of singing “Vocals PROFI”, commented the song of Sergey Lazarev, which he will sing at Eurovision.

Матвиенко и Воробьев оценили шансы Лазарева на «Евровидении»

Sergey Lazarev – one of the most professional singers and artists in our country. He’s a hard worker and a hard worker, and is worthy of respect. Sergey always makes a quality product at the level of good Western music. He is one of the most worthy representatives of Russia, the one who has the right to show the music in the West, praised Larisa Sergei. – As for the song, it is in the style of Eurovision. Rather kitsch. Vocal, in my opinion, is not very complicated – it is a given, and within the format of Eurovision, it’s even a plus. Sergey has a chance to enter even the top five winners. In any case, I sincerely wish him the victory, if we, of course, necessary.

Famous music producer Igor Matvienko believes that all the rules and requirements of the competition were met by the artist and made in the best traditions.

Матвиенко и Воробьев оценили шансы Лазарева на «Евровидении»

At the Eurovision song contest has its own specific music format. I can say that the song of Sergey Lazarev “You are the only one” perfectly corresponds to it. Is there any chance to get a high place or even win? Of course, there is.

Joy Alexey Vorobyov no bounds when he learned that our country at “Eurovision” this year will present Sergey Lazarev. According to “the bachelor,” this event everyone was waiting for a long time.

Well, finally it happened! I’m sure the whole country have been waiting for this. And this year, you can be 100% sure that on stage except the scenery, rooms and songs will be a real actor with a wealth of experience and talent. I wish Sergey good luck, and no matter what place it will put the members of the jury, the important thing is that he will worthily represent our camp, and millions of European TV viewers will finally be able to see and appreciate this remarkable artist. And I sincerely hope that this will help in the fulfillment of his dream to finally go on the European music market.

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