Певица Валерия стала панк-принцессой At a social event the actress appeared in an unexpected way. Instead of the usual blond curls Valeria appeared with black hair and short hair. Colleagues and admirers praised her courage.

      Певица Валерия стала панк-принцессой

      Throughout his career, the singer Valeria tried to stick with roughly the same classic image of the beautiful blonde with blue eyes. But yesterday at a social event artist resin to surprise all my colleagues by the unexpected style – short hair, black hair, bright makeup and unusual clothes, a biker. But first, someone has shared a new image-have become devoted fans of Valerie.

      “Today at the premiere of the film with the participation of Dima Bilan’s dress code is “punk Princess”. Here I think, a radical way to make or more moderate. What do you think?” addressed to the subscribers, the singer for the evaluation of my experiment.

      Followers vividly responded to such a cardinal change of image of the artist. The fans could not remain indifferent to such bold changes to the appearance of Valeria.

      “Valeria looks great! Stylish, beautiful, smart, well-groomed, because much work need to look like. New look haircut and hair color accentuate the graceful figure of Valerie. Beautiful! Well done!”, “Cool! Naughty young girl!”, “And I really like it, creative!” – gladly accepted by the fans. Of course, there were those who more like to see Valeria in the usual way. “You look better blonde”, “I like more blonde and with bangs!” – expressed my opinion some fans.

      It should say that and at the event Valeria was able to rivet the attention and throughout the evening received rave reviews for the bold look. “Accept compliments from expert fashion and just amazingly interesting person Alexander Vasiliev”, – wrote the singer in the microblog. But as assured subscribers artist, this change in the image while short-lived, and soon the singer will return to their usual appearance.

      It is interesting that passion for change now observed in daughter, Valeria Anna Shulgina. The budding artist is in search of his own style. The girl said she didn’t want to copy the image of the mother, and therefore will try to find its unique image. At the end of last year, the girl all of a sudden, but first and foremost, for herself, painted the ends of your hair purple. But this year, the young singer decided to go with strawberry-blonde curls.

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