Vladimir Presnyakov is preparing to celebrate his birthday

Владимир Пресняков готовится масштабно отпраздновать свой день рождения
At the celebration a singer will invite a hundred guests.

Natalia Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov

Photo: Sergey Vinogradov

Vladimir Presnyakov is preparing to celebrate its 48-year-old birthday. However, he noted it will be later. Celebration day singer, born 29 March, planned for 31 number. Today, the artist chose the venue of a Banquet is one of the elite restaurants of the capital and ordered a cake-the tiramisu dessert, weighing six pounds, is decorated with wild berries.

He now chooses the music program of the evening and other entertainment for invited guests. To congratulate the singer with the festival come about a hundred people.

Three days before his own birthday, his father, famous saxophonist Vladimir Presnyakov-senior, lush will celebrate its 70th anniversary. The singer had prepared for his father an incredible gift while hiding from the public, so as not to spoil the celebrant a surprise.

By the way, this will be the first birthday Presnyakov, who will share a new family member — a son Artemy. Last year, getting an incredible number of nice and useful gifts, he shared with the magazine “7 days” that the most important gift — a small miracle, is yet to come.

Of course, in triumph, turning likely to remain at home with a babysitter. Because the party planned for the evening and will end after midnight.

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