Настоящие причины секс-скандала в элитной школе: почему показания учениц расходятся “StarHit” found witnesses of the events. The girls told, what was their communication with the principal of the school and his Deputy and also tried to explain why many have decided to make allegations many years later.

      Настоящие причины секс-скандала в элитной школе: почему показания учениц расходятся

      Sex scandal in Moscow “League of schools” last week shocked the public. On the website meduza.io first appeared the investigation, and then the video message of the graduates, in which they described how they were molested by Director Sergei Bebchuk and his Deputy Nikolai Izyumov. “StarHit” found witnesses of the events, but their opinions are divided.

      A graduate of the “school League” 2008 Svetlana Bobrova said that made her talk about what happened a few years later, and explained why she and other Schoolgirls with only time in silence.

      Scandalous student told the school about orgies with the Director

      “Investigation “jellyfish” started with my submission, – says Svetlana. – While in school, I heard from the girls that Sergei Alexandrovich and Nikolai Mikhailovich behind the closed doors of their classrooms put students on my knees, I touch my Breasts, kiss on the lips… About the country of Bebchuk also all talked about: he invites girls under 16 years old, in the bath, and there engaged in sex with them. They also talked about the campaigns in which the teachers got the girls in a sleeping bag. In 2014 I learned that the graduates of the “League” who were being subjected to harassment by Izyumov and Bebchuk 25 years of existence of the school, gathered an initiative group and delivered an ultimatum: either the school is closed and teachers are perverts permanently stop working with children or the situation should remain confidential. Teachers chose the former. But in 2016, I accidentally found out that Bebchuk took the kids to the Olympics of world art and literature, and Izyumov teaches at the club “Intellect”. After that I contacted the reporter of the “Medusa” Daniil Turovsky, told him everything, and he did on this subject a investigation.”

      Настоящие причины секс-скандала в элитной школе: почему показания учениц расходятся

      According to Borovoy for a long time she and the other Schoolgirls did not dare to tell an adult. The girls were taught how important it is to get a good education, but because the idea of closing the schools frightened them.

      “Many people wonder why we were silent? First, when you stick such a respected person, your idol, you’re numb and not believe what was happening, and then blame yourself – frankly says the graduate of educational institution. – Secondly, victims are afraid that they will not be believed. Thirdly, victims stopped the love for the school and fear for the future. With a certificate of the “League” graduates were the open doors of the most prestigious universities of Russia and even abroad. “But if it is shut down, what will become of us?” – so was thinking girl. Parents all as one nothing said of teenagers ‘ relationships with mothers and fathers are not the most trusting, and I was ashamed to confess to such filth…”

      Interestingly, another graduate, Alexander Maksimovich, a graduate school in 2010, disagrees with the accusations of the girls. In the words of a former student of Bebchuk and Izyumova, nothing like this could not happen.

      A sex scandal at a prestigious school took an unexpected turn

      “I thought Sergei Alexandrovich and Nicholas Mikhailovich of their second fathers. The atmosphere in the school was wonderful – we not only taught the mathematics with the physics, but also acquired the knowledge necessary for life, – shares with “StarHit” Alexander. – Teachers took us on hikes, showed how to build a fire, how to recognize poisonous berries… no One who in one bag wasn’t asleep! Personal account in which he allegedly molested the girls, Sergei Alexandrovich did not there and the door Nikolai Mikhailovich did not close – ever! It was possible to go and sit on the couch and looking at the huge photo albums…”

      She also spoke about the specific accusations made by the school Director and his Deputy. According to Primakov, the trip to the country to Bebchuk and greeting Izyumova on the threshold of the school, which was designated as “wet kiss” was nothing untoward.

      “Yes, Nikolai Mikhailovich, meeting us in the morning on the porch of the school, sometimes kissed girls. But it was paternally, in the forehead and never – at least for me, – as described in the investigation, explained Alexander. – The cottage to Bebchuk students also went – did the math and dug the beds. My friend, from year to year visited the Hacienda Sergei Alexandrovich, enraged by today’s attacks on him and claims that the history about the bath – lies. Yeah, you guys went to the steam room, but no sexual assault was not. Bebchuk and Izyumov constantly emphasized that we, the students, and entrepreneurs in art, these words were spelled out in the Constitution of the school. For gossip within the walls of the institution we were reprimanded with clothing, too, was strict: if a girl came to class in a short skirt or a plunging neckline, it was sent to change into uniform for gym class, but if you really have makeup on – wash. Maybe just the “beauty” and came up with resentment after so many years such nasty things about molestation?”