Отец Валерии Гай Германики ищет деньги на серьезную операцию Igor Dudinskaya told that he was in a difficult situation. According to the journalist, his younger daughter Sonia’s health problems. She is under constant surveillance by surgeons. The child will have to go through another procedure, which costs several thousand dollars. Igor claims that he also needed medical help.

      Отец Валерии Гай Германики ищет деньги на серьезную операцию

      The father of Russian Director Valeria Gai Germanika dudinskiy Igor confessed that he had serious health problems. Well-known journalist explained needs emergency heart surgery, but he did not have enough money. The situation is complicated by the fact that at the moment the man does not work, and the available funds will be spent on his daughter Sonia.

      Dudinskaya posted on social networks, which noted that the little girl was also diagnosed with serious health problems. According to the journalist, the child needs to move another heart surgery, which is only possible in the United States. Igor Ilyich asks friends and acquaintances to help him financial.

      “Never in my life anybody asked nothing. And here’s got to the situation where there is no escape. Necessary. The situation is that we urgently need to do as much as two heart surgeries at the same time – me and my Sonya. First, Sonia. She had surgery less than a year ago. In Moscow. Operation complicated. And suddenly it turns out that there is an urgent need for a second operation – with no guarantee that you will not need a third. In Moscow such complicated do not. But there are places on the planet, which ensures that the third is not required. You just have to come and proprivate once and for all. We first thought that we can restrict to Europe, but it turned out that absolute guarantee only in America – in clinic in Milwaukee. Now Ekaterina prepares the documents to go with Sonja to go. If anyone of the experts interested in details of the diagnosis, write to the PM. Believe me, Sonya advise and did the first surgery best surgeons in Moscow. So everything is checked and rechecked a hundred times. Now about me. While Sonia will operate in America, I will operate in Moscow. I flew heart valve (aortic). It is urgent to put a prosthesis. Plus there is something else to replace it. The valve, plus all sorts of shunts, drugs and so on are in the range of five thousand bucks,” explained Dudinskaya.
      Отец Валерии Гай Германики ищет деньги на серьезную операцию

      The journalist worries that can die, then his children from his thirteenth marriage will be left without a father. According to Igor Ilyich, he is not going to give up. An elderly man claims that he is not enough money for both procedures, so he opened the fundraiser. Dudinskaya afraid that heirs will have to grow up without him.

      “If someone were to argue that, say, lived enough, it’s time to give way to the young, by and large, I quite agree, if not for one circumstance. Illia ten years. Sonya – a year and seven months. It turns out that my departure will contribute to the spread of such a hideous phenomenon of fatherlessness. Sad…” wrote father Gai Germanicus.

      We will remind that Igor dudinskiy began to consider himself the father of Valeria only after it was conducted a DNA test, done at the instigation of her mother Natalia. According to some reports, when the girl was little, the journalist refused to allocate money for the education of the heiress, but also criticized the work of the future Director. To get rid of the memory of a rough childhood, Valeria consciously changed her last name.