Fans Pelagia threaten ex-lover of Ivan Telegin

Поклоннники Пелагеи угрожают экс-возлюбленной Ивана Телегина Eugene Nour said that she staged a crackdown on social networks. According to the former civil wife of a famous hockey player, she often write with insults and threats. Some fans Pelagia think that Eugene did something to offend the artist.

      Поклоннники Пелагеи угрожают экс-возлюбленной Ивана Телегина

      On the evening of 21 January, the singer Pelageya for the first time became a mother. The actress gave birth to a charming girl called Taisia. About the joyous event in the life of the star told her husband, hockey player Ivan Telegin. Fans Pelageya was in seventh heaven and was dedicated to his favorite posts on social networks. However, as it turned out, fans of celebrities are not always so friendly. Ex-lover CSKA striker complained of the criticism of haters, consider that she is badly behaved in relation to Pelagia. According to Eugenia Nour, on the Internet she made a real hunt.

      Pelageya’s husband quit her job for a meeting with daughter

      “I’m very glad that came to light a new person. In fact, I try to stay away from their families – too hard for me all this was given. Although it is to be discharged does not work: and then get insults and even threats from fans Pelagia. They somehow believe that I somehow hurt you,” said a young woman.

      Recall that Eugene Nour, the former civil wife of hockey player Ivan Telegin. They lived together in 2013. In 2016, Eugenia gave birth to a boy, named mark. Young woman raising a child alone and receives from ex-lover alimony. Previously, Nour complained that it lacks funds for the maintenance of your baby. But apparently, Ivan and Eugene managed to come to an agreement. Nour told reporters that the problem is solved.

      “My lawyer was able to negotiate with Telegony, and now he pays my son and the amount by which we normally exist. Of course, when mark is a little bit older, I plan to go to work. Not going to be kept”, – said Eugene.

      In one of the other interviews Nour told about his acquaintance with Telegony. When this happened, the young woman danced Striptease. The athlete managed to win the heart of beauty, despite the fact that she lived five years with another man and even going to play with him wedding. Ivan beautifully cared for Eugenia, and she was unable to resist.

      After some time became aware of the fact that Telegin met another woman, which began to experience feelings. The news that the hockey player had an affair with Pelageya, was one of the most discussed in the Network. Couple has registered their relationship in June 2016. In an interview with “Express newspaper” Eugene Nour said that he believes in the sincerity of feelings Pelagia. “I think she just fell in love with him without memory,” said she.