Реакция звезд на победу сборной России в матче против испанцев в 1/8 чемпионата мира по футболу

The national team of Russia on football is rapidly making his way to the Cup through a thorny jungle of the world Cup. 19 Jun 2018 skillful players, despite pressure, was able to beat the team of Egypt and received the permit in 1/8 finals of the world Cup. Who thought that losing the football team of Russia will be able to win from the Spaniards?

Реакция звезд на победу сборной России в матче против испанцев в 1/8 чемпионата мира по футболу

As soon as the fans, even the most dedicated, learned about the future of the match Russia vs Spain, alert all — how to defeat the “Red fury” and get the victory? The real surprise was that the players gathered and leveled the score by scoring the winning goal in the penalty shootout.

Glorify and praise Igor Akinfeev, who skillfully reflected the two goals and got the win, not only ordinary fans, but the stars of the Russian platform. Who was in the stadium, and who stayed at home and watched the match with her family. Many could not hold back emotions and shared experiences with subscribers in social networks.

Sergey Lazarev watched the match on not one, but in a public place. Despite the large number of people, Sergey was not afraid of vengeance to show his emotions. “A little happy inadequate… aaaaaaa!! What an incredible victory!! The Spaniards were strong, but our steadfastly kept the defense all 120 minutes ! And in the end the victory! I’m grayer , I think during this match. Congratulations to all of our country with this holiday!! Remember how cursed our team prior TO the Championship! That’s not so , friends! Must always their to support, cheer and believe! Always!!!”

Dima Bilan: “Hurrah! Our guys! Russia! Thank you!”

Maxim Galkin: “Hurrah! With the victory! Thank you to our players for a sense of unity throughout our great country around a common joy! To tears! Good luck to the guys in the 1/4, hold my fists for you! Russia! Forward!”

Реакция звезд на победу сборной России в матче против испанцев в 1/8 чемпионата мира по футболу
Yana Rudkovskaya: “No words! Hero! With the win we, thank You guys for these emotions. It turns out that #novosmirnovskaya! Hurrah!”

Polina Gagarina: “So, my family and little breather, and now again… Yes! Guys, thank you! Huge! For the occasion, a reason for great pride! There are no words! Yay! Igor, you are cool!”

Dmitry Dyuzhev: “Hurrah! We won the Spanish national team! It is a miracle! We are waiting for the quarterfinals! I am overwhelmed! Igor Akinfeev, you are our hero! Hope dies last! We believe in our victory until the end! Glory To Russia!”
Natalie Haussmann: “Heroes! It was a historic match, we all without a voice, with a broken and torn hands, happy hearts. As if the whole country stood behind our boys. I was happy to hand the trophy to the best player today, Igor Akinfeev, thank you!”

Even Philip, despite his busy schedule, found time to watch the important match. “Emotions are running high at 100! Akinfeev! Dzyuba! Russia!”

Next match the Russian team will hold on Saturday, July 7, where to meet with the national team of Croatia in the 1/4 finals of the world championship.