«Кричала как сумасшедшая»: Вера Сотникова сорвала спектакль в Санкт-Петербурге
The actress has apologized for his behavior.

Vera Sotnikova, Dmitry Averin

Photo: Social networks

Vera Sotnikova has been disrupted a performance in St. Petersburg. Yesterday she, along with Andrei Urgant, Alexander by Stekolnikov, Marina Domozhirovo and Dmitry Averin, performed in Variety Theatre named after Raikin. Play “Well, the fruit is you!” started without delay and went according to the outline before the Russian team defeated the team of Spain in the 1/8 world Cup.

Knowing that Akinfeev repelled decisive penalty, Sotnikova ran on stage from behind the scenes. During the performance she began to jump for joy on the stage and scream with delight. The audience, of course, also pleased, but was a bit shocked by the behavior of the actress. Later she told me that at that moment lost control of himself and was unable to cope with emotions.

“I was screaming like crazy and for some reason ran out on stage and started to jump! Actually was a play and I’m only in the second act…. Looks like I wasn’t in control at this moment! I think the audience will forgive me. The justification for this act only such: I wanted to hug all the spectators, the whole world! Such joy and happiness to all the Russians I don’t remember in my lifetime! I’m happy for our country!” — said Sotnikov.

By the way, the audience learned about the victory of the national team for a couple of seconds before Faith came on stage. They said Urgant, who is on the move “copied” his role, adding sporting achievements of the Russian team. He, unlike Sotnikova was able to cope with the emotions. Faith later came to his senses, calmed down, and together with colleagues has finished the performance.