The reaction of the Russian celebrities to the results of “Eurovision”

Реакция российских знаменитостей на результаты «Евровидения»
Stars share their emotions after a dramatic final of the competition.

Sergey Lazarev

Photo: Vyacheslav Prokofyev/TASS

The results of the
The Stockholm Eurovision 2016″ has left many in disbelief. After all, brilliant
the speech of Sergey Lazarev with the song “You are the only one” has been recognized by the greatest number of the past
the song contest. Defeat the representative of Russia prevented only innovation
this year — assessment of the professional jury. At the end of the finale many celebrities shared their outrage
biased, from their point of view, judging Eurovision.

“I think that everybody more or less
sane people it is clear that the results of the audience voting won, and all
the rest is pure politics! No more! Serge — you are really the best and
number one! The love of the audience is much more important, because you’re an artist! Bravo!” — wrote
in his microblog Lera Kudryavtseva.

Commented on busy
The third place Sergey and Anastasia Stotskaya, because of the action which could Lazarev
to be disqualified even before the contest. “Seryozha your performance
it was the best, rooting for you, although Ukraine has enjoyed. In the last
stressful time I even cried, it was a shame to tears. But you’re the best! And
the public vote is confirmed! For us you are the undisputed winner!” —
told subscribers Anastasia.

“Congratulations to all
the winners of the contest. Our a big well Done! Well Done Lazarev! For spectators and
for me personally you’re number 1! The rest is not important!” — shared Anita Tsoy.

“I’ve already said everything
personally, but want to leave here! How proud of you! Brilliant
speech! The deserved love of the audience all over Europe! Deserved first
place for audience voting! All the rest even do not want to discuss!
Thank you from me and all of my subscribers for being that represent our
country at the Eurovision song contest!” — commented on the speech of Sergey actress
Ekaterina Volkova.

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