Alla Pugacheva in short dress appeared in the intriguing video

Алла Пугачева в коротком платье появилась в интригующем видеоролике
The singer revealed the interior of his castle.

Alla Pugacheva

Photo: still from the video

Recently, the Network appeared
intriguing video with Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva, shooting
which took place in the castle of the star of the spouses located in the village of Mud. Thanks
of this, fans are finally able to see the interiors and the courtyard
elegant mansion of Alla and Maxim.

It turned out that the video
was filmed on the eve of a significant event for Maxim. Very soon will be
premiere of his new program “Maximmaxim!”, in which he will appear again before
the audience in the way of the presenter. The show, according to Galkina, will be somewhere between
the program “Evening Urgant” and “Big difference”.

By the way, in the new project
Maksim will be appearing guest stars. The first of them became Alexander Vasiliev and Elena Malysheva. Curiously, earlier
the parodist, in the framework of the advertising campaign of the new show, appeared on the show “Let’s
Get married” in the image of Nikita Dzhigurda.

By the way, Alla Pugacheva has struggled to support his wife. To whet
interest in the premiere show, the singer even appeared in the frame in a short dress that
gave the video a special piquancy. However, this is not the first in recent
time, the emergence of highly postroynevshy Alla mini. Recently she shocked her
short outfit of the visitors of the shopping center. Then she was dressed in a red mini dress.

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