The prospective bride Zadoinov Alexander released a wedding video

Предполагаемая невеста Александра Задойнова обнародовала свадебное видео Ex-participant reality show “House-2” have shared a mysterious picture in which he poses in a suit of the groom. Together with Zagajnovym the photographs of his alleged mistress Olga Koval. Young people said that the intrigue will be revealed on 2 October.
Предполагаемая невеста Александра Задойнова обнародовала свадебное видео

Former member of “House-2” Alexander Zagainov intrigued by photos of him posing in a suit of blue. The man was accompanied by a photo with the hashtag “where’s my bride.” Subscribers Zadoinov found that he is the image of the bride and recommended to contact the show “the Bachelor” to find the second half.

Followers of Alexander decided that he made an offer hands and hearts photographer Olga Koval. The woman placed a few shots on his page in “Vkontakte”, on which she poses in a wedding dress. In addition, Olga has published short videos with the groom. The beloved’s face Koval is hidden from the camera, but users of social networks have analyzed and realized that it was Alexander Zadoinov.

“They say that the fate of no escape… I have always believed that we are the creators of their lives. But there are unexplained things, which is difficult to argue, and you realize that after all we expect, but God disposes…” – said Olga.

The alleged lovers were portrayed by the photographer Oksana Markova. She placed a lyrical poem, with the hashtag “wedding of the year”:

How nice to find a reflection of…
Person with similar meanings…
Where the deeds do not expect distortion…
I live and kiss thoughts…
Very soon the sequel…

Participants of the photo shoot very warmly responded about it on the Internet, but chose to remain silent about the details. It is known that the intrigue will be resolved by October 2, the First Yaroslavl TV channel. “What kind of cool project we are preparing”, – such information appeared in the community of the local entertainment program “You’re the best”.

Some users of social networks suggest that in fact Alexander Zadoinov did not offer a hand and heart Olga Koval, and took part in a staged photo shoot. Himself a star of the reality show is not yet confirmed nor denied numerous speculation to the public.

Предполагаемая невеста Александра Задойнова обнародовала свадебное видео

We will remind that Alexander Zadoinov consisted in a civil marriage with Elina Kamiren. Young people are the parents of the charming Sasha, which came to light in December 2014. Not so long ago it became known that the former beloved reconnected. Elina Kamiren: “the Daughter immediately hugged his father”

“Sasha came and brought gifts: a lot of clothes, toys. Already there were moments when he visited his daughter and then disappeared for a long time. I wish Sasha was the father, not nominally, but came. We went to walk and he followed all my guidelines that relate to their relationship with the daughter”, – said Kamiren “StarHit”.