In the press there have been disturbing and contradictory information about the state of Kate Middleton

В прессу поступают тревожные и противоречивые сведения о состоянии Кейт Миддлтон The British pray for the health of the Duchess. Recently it became known that Kate Middleton is suffering from terrible morning sickness, which prevents her to lead an active lifestyle and attend events with her husband.
В прессу поступают тревожные и противоречивые сведения о состоянии Кейт Миддлтон

In early September, UK residents rejoiced – Kate Middleton and Prince William announced the imminent addition to the family. The Duke and Duchess also did not hide that Catherine showed severe toxicity. Doctors advised the woman to leave at the time an active social life and regularly observed in the clinic. Because of this, the wife of William will have to miss a number of official events.

Some foreign journalists said that the Duchess was admitted to the hospital, but the next day she was discharged. The British are very worried about the condition of Kate. According to rumors, due to the constant nausea Middleton could not eat normally, and the lack of essential vitamins has a negative impact on fetal development. Some feared that the Prince’s wife will begin to rapidly lose weight. There were rumors that the doctors wanted to prescribe intravenous nutrition Duchess. Probably Kate will have to spend on keeping most of my pregnancy.

The British are very worried about the condition of Kate Middleton. They hope the woman can bear a healthy child. Prince William tries to keep residents of the United Kingdom to date. He recently made the statement that his wife is gradually recovering.

“Kate is feeling better,” said the heir to the throne worried fans.

For 35-year-old Duchess of Cambridge and her husband this will be our third child. Eldest son George is four years old, and daughter Charlotte, two. During the previous two pregnancies of the Duchess often felt unwell. Many assumed that this time the pair will use the services of a surrogate mother, but Kate dared herself to bear a third child. Kate Middleton complained of postpartum depression

This year four-year son began to study, but my mother was not able to hold it in school because of poor health. He likes to interact with their peers and do homework. Prince William is pleased that the heir to attend classes and not vrednichaet.

“He was in there only two weeks. And I hope that the day when he will claim that he did not want to go to school, is still far,” admitted the grandson of Queen Elizabeth.

Royal couple eagerly awaits the birth of a third child. Presumably, the baby will be born in April next year. Spouses often tell the press about the nature and success of a daughter and a son.

“George is a true leader, he commands in our house by all. And Charlotte from him in this respect is lagging behind quite a bit. All my friends unanimously repeat that it will create a lot of problems when you’re older. You know, until the children grow up, parents shed many tears. And children — though that!” – quoted by Prince William to the publication DailyMail.