Проект «Худеем со «СтарХитом» ждет новых участниц  Fill out the form on the website and change your life. Team “StarHit” headed by Andrey Malakhov will take away those who are determined to fight obesity and expects to win.

      Проект «Худеем со «СтарХитом» ждет новых участниц

      This part of the “lose Weight with StarHit” anniversary, so special. We have prepared for you, dear readers, a brand new format! Note: the number of participants doubled for the first time in the history of the project to compete will be two teams, their captains champion fitness bikini, guru of healthy lifestyle and simple beauty. Girls don’t know what the work on oneself: one dropped 30 pounds, the other 12. Want to get into the team and get in shape in the company of stars and under the care of the best nutritionists, trainers and SPA experts?

      All participants were satisfied with the results. Fill out the form here before September 26. Be sure to check all of the boxes. The editors of the “StarHit” headed by Andrey Malakhov will choose the participants of the new season of project and publish their stories on 3 October.

      AS IT WAS

      In the seventh part of the project “lose Weight with StarHit”, which was held in the fall of 2014, stroili singer Katya LEL, actress Catherine Porubel, Nadezhda Angarskaya from Comedy Woman and the reader from Samara Nina Selivanova. First goal came the star of the serial “Serafima the beautiful” Katya, Porubel, which lost 11 kg and was weighing 70 kg. Kate ate ready balanced dishes from a special lunch boxes and did not spare himself in training. At the end of the project from the image of a burly Seraphim left no trace.

      The second goal came Katya LEL, dropped 5 kg, remaining even after the birth of a daughter. “If not a yogi Felix Pak, I would still indulge in sweets,” admitted “StarHit” Kate. The reader NIN Selivanovoy until stated minus 25 kg lacked only two. “Psychologist Michael Ginsburg let me have everything, even the rye bread, but only a little – shared Nina. Is a psychological move.” Nadezhda Angarskaya, dropped 12 kg the clock has been in touch with her trainer Zoya Vozmilova. “She was rooting for me, drove to the training,” said Nadia. But to control himself was not always”.

      Become a part of a large project. Send your application by filling in the form on the website and change your life.