Julia posing in swimsuit

Юлия Высоцкая позирует в купальнике The anchor rests in Italy. After the Venice film festival, where her husband Andrei Konchalovsky was named best Director, Julia Vysotskaya decided to stay in the seaside resort for some time.

      Julia Vysotskaya with her husband Andrei Konchalovsky and his son Peter are now in Italy, where he recently completed 73rd Venice film festival. The event is considered one of the world’s most prestigious film industry. Director Andrei Konchalovsky presented at the international competition for his film “Paradise”. The decision of the jury the work of Russian Maestro praised as the best, and was awarded the “Silver lion”.

      The film Konchalovsky made a splash on the Lido island

      The whole family is very worried about Konchalovsky and wanted him to win. Julia did not hide that during the competition she was very nervous, but because now, after the closing of the festival, it is necessary to restore power. The presenter went to the beach and published for his fans a picture in which she’s sitting on a sun lounger in her swimsuit.

      “After all the excitement you need to relax a little,” – said Yulia to their followers.

      For members of such a picture Vysotskaya was a real gift. The artist rarely publishes such footage. The aroused fans a real delight. They said that Yulia looks great. “Look how slim she is, beautiful!”, “Good! A great holiday to you too!” “Beauty,” wrote fans Vysotskaya.

      Now each picture, which puts the presenter in the blog falls under close attention of fans of the artist. After Julia has deleted his account on the social network, it is a long time did not want to publicly display your life. However, due to the fact that she didn’t have an official account, it was used by many scammers. They created a page on her behalf, than mislead loyal fans. But in the early days of the Venice film festival Production center of Andrei Konchalovsky decided to create the official account of a celebrity. This “StarHit” said the representatives of the presenter. Now fans can rest assured of the authenticity of the page of Julia in social networks and to follow the events of her life.

      Vysotskaya has removed their pages in social networks because of the tragedy with which the whole family has faced three years ago. In a car accident injured daughter Mary, who fell into a coma. Julia Vysotskaya about the health of his daughter: “We work, we move, going very, very slowly”