Наталья Андрейченко оправдалась за судебные тяжбы с сыном Popular Soviet actress explained why she decided to go into open conflict with their child. Natalia Andreichenko accused the son of Dmitry that he emptied her Bank account. A young man embezzled a million dollars, belonging to his mother.

      Наталья Андрейченко оправдалась за судебные тяжбы с сыном

      A year ago the community was shocked with the news that a famous Soviet actress Natalya Andreychenko sues his own son Dmitry. As it turned out, the young man took the money mothers who were in the Bank. The account was opened in her name, however, the son decided to forge the signature of the wife, and took all the money – a million dollars. A large sum of money he has invested in the development of the restaurant business. The actress did not tolerate this act of his son and filed for him in court.

      Natalya Andreychenko can not forgive son

      On the program “Alone with all” Natalia admitted Yulia Menshovoj why dare to take radical measures and to seek justice, to resolve the situation in his own family.

      “The mother is the mother to the end. I believe that if the first crime, that person does with his life, unpunished, this man remains a criminal forever. This moment needed to be stopped. I was afraid that he would go to the more unpleasant, more serious. It was necessary to stop this situation. I had to explain that this is wrong,” – explained his action Andreichenko.

      The famous actress has repeatedly tried to negotiate with Dmitry and not bring the situation to a critical point. But all attempts of mother to “reach out” to his own son ended in failure. Natalia it’s a shame that they were so close with your son, but because of the conflict their relationship rapidly deteriorated. Andreichenko said it was very difficult to go against your child.

      “I must immediately make small corrections, because in Switzerland for this one to sit in jail cannot. I knew what I was doing. I, naturally, consulted with experts. And then, we had the opportunity to negotiate,” – said in an interview with Menshovoj Andreichenko.

      Natalia said, trying to force his son to transfer some money to his daughter, the sister of Dimitri. However, the man did not go to reconciliation and refused to part with some amount.

      The last time Andreichenko lives in Mexico, where he is engaged in yoga and is charged with the energy of the cosmos. Also in Central America, she opened her own center where everyone can engage in spiritual practice. Natalya Andreychenko is building a spiritual center in Hawaii