Svetlana Bondarchuk dramatically changed the image

Светлана Бондарчук резко изменила имидж Celebrity decided to cut bangs. Svetlana Bondarchuk decided on a bold experiment. Fans admired her appearance and agreed that presenter is incredibly new hair.

      Journalist and former wife of famous film Director Fyodor Bondarchuk, Svetlana decided to change your appearance. Celebrity has updated the hair and cut bangs. A woman posted a video of the shearing process. The footage Bondarchuk captured the wizard and your transformation.

      “Aida! You’re dangerous”, signed Svetlana video.

      Fans quickly responded to the changing hairstyles of the journalist. They noted that with bangs Svetlana looks even younger. “Incredible! Stylish. Beautiful!”, “Bangs are very pretty and look younger now”, “I think you years be better!” “You are very beautiful, sophisticated, feminine and chic! An example for many, regardless of age. You can look and look. Let you all get on,” – leave your comments fans.

      After the divorce with her husband of Svetlana continued to lead a normal life – to go out, to meet friends. About his decision to leave after 25 years of marriage, Feodor and Svetlana announced in mid-March. They thanked each other for the love and assured that it will continue to maintain friendly relations.

      After the divorce, the famous Director began to spend time in the company of a young actress Paulina Andreeva, Svetlana and so far only intriguing their fans with mysterious pictures. The followers noticed that the woman is in love and assume that she’s having an affair. Subscribers will only be happy if their suspicions are confirmed. Svetlana Bondarchuk shows tenderness with a mysterious gentleman

      About their possible romantic preferences Svetlana said in an interview with reporters.

      “I know what exactly I don’t want to be alone. I like it when with a woman and handsome young man. Nature is so constituted that woman reveals at a more Mature age, and at this point, the same age or someone older has come to nothing ready. Or ready last effort” – shared his thoughts Bondarchuk.