The program “While all houses” is closed

Передача "Пока все дома" закрывается
According to media reports, the program “While all houses”, which was published on the First channel for many years, is closed.

Передача "Пока все дома" закрывается

The first channel has terminated the contract with the company, which was engaged in the preparation of the content. According to the source, this happened after an internal check, when a leading transmission Timur Kizâkova and his wife Elena were accused that they received the money, letting in the air the heading “you will Have a baby”.

“It is a fact. And the decision on the termination of the contract with the company was made not today, but about a month ago. Check the channel began as soon as the first publications appeared in the media. In the end, the information about the fraud was confirmed, and the decision was made to close the program. The main reason is because of the bad reputation of the program. And everyone was waiting for some action from the First channel,” reports the insider.

In the end, Dung decided to answer it.

“It was a colossal stuffing Internet about the fact that we are cashing in on it that much. I now believe that the First channel trying to save face when programs with years of reputation go. And if to be exact, the “scandal” that tried to blow up these business organizations dealing with children, occurred in December. And somehow in that moment, the First channel just stepped aside and pretended that we didn’t know. Now, in order to save face, they found a reason”, – said Timur.

It should be noted that the program was aired the First channel for 25 years and led him all these years, Timur Kizyakov.

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