Ex-husband Nargiz Zakirova want to get on “the Voice”

Бывший муж Наргиз Закировой хочет попасть на "Голос"
Recently the First channel began filming the new season favorite of many of the show “the Voice.”

Бывший муж Наргиз Закировой хочет попасть на "Голос"

As previously reported, in the sixth season of the chair mentors will take the first part: Alexander Gradsky, Leonid Agutin, Dima Bilan and Pelagia.
This season tries his hand and the former spouse of the participant of the second season of the TV show Nargiz Zakirova Philip Balzano.

“I watched the previous seasons, especially, my wife was one of the participants. I could not arrive earlier, as the youngest daughter was little, and now she’s 18. Here I feel comfortable. The project came very strong vocalists. I want to make a team to Pelageya, I like her performance,” said the man.

It will be recalled that about a year ago the couple decided to divorce after 20 years of marriage.

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