Премьеру сиквела «Звонка» перенесли на следующий год

Two parts of the film “call” was not enough, because the company Paramount Pictures decided to create a sequel to this horror film, which will be no less daunting than in previous installments.

The debut show of horror “Calls” was to be held on the eve of all saints Day – the so-called Halloween. For unexplained reasons, the premiere horror film was postponed and will now take place in late October 2016, and in early February, 2017.

Earlier it was reported that the new film will take place 30 years before the events shown in the first film. Samara Morgan turns twelve. I think the girl is crazy, torturing her. Samara becomes mentally unstable in her Wake a horrible ability.
Now, the creators offer us a new synopsis, where we are talking about a young man investigating a videotape that received the inexplicable popularity among the youth. All who have shown interest in it, died in seven days after viewing.

The girl this young man understands that these experiments will not end well for her lover, because trying to save him, taking the blow the evil forces themselves.

But the girl regrets getting into this because now she becomes a witness to a horrific discovery. Now she will have to unravel the secret of the mysterious and dark magazine, and “film in film”, which still no one has seen.

The Director of the horror film “Calls” was the Spaniard F. Javier Gutierrez, and the main role performed by the Italian Matilda Lutz.