Крисом Брауном заинтересовалась Служба защиты детей

Stay in the home of a minor daughter Chris brown’s Royalties at the time when he allegedly brandished a firearm their is the visitor interested in American child protective services. Now they will investigate if enough attention Chris pays his child. On his page in social network Instagram Chris tried to justify himself, and stated that Royalty is the main thing in his life.

“I totally care about your child. Some idiot made a judgment, and you, 90% believe that. Anything that sounds to my address for the last three weeks – an absolute lie,” said 27-year-old.
Recall that the daughter, who is now little more than two years, gave birth to Chris model Niya Guzman, who decided for some reason that Royalties will become a happy ticket to a comfortable existence, but brown was not such a simpleton. He has made very modest alimony and joint custody of the daughter, and repeatedly stated that Tion threatened to kill him and trouble. Chris does not exclude the fact that this whole scandal is the handiwork of the mother of his child.