Курбан Омаров заявил, что больше не хочет зарабатывать

Elect Ksenia Borodina’m sure he already has everything a family needs.

After the wedding, with Borodina businessman has become very popular. Only on his page in Instagram signed by more than 800 thousand people. And most fans believe that She “got lucky” because her choice is not only handsome, but also very smart, as evidenced by the many philosophy posts in the microblog businessman.

This time Eid shared with subscribers of the plans to life. In particular, reflected on the theme that “all not make any money” and that he intends to spend more time with family.

“Now most people in the pursuit of financial wealth, but I have no purpose to be the richest in the cemetery, as Steve said, began lobster. — All that I need, I have. No wonder I want to live and children to teach. To then, in old age, so the brow lift and grandchildren say: you see how I clearly have lived? Let’s not let me down! Drink a glass of water that I bring, and sleep quietly”.

Most considered reflections of Eid “literate”, although some remarked that desires Susie a lot and work Omarov still have.

And Olga Buzova, by contrast, called on his followers “to give the work in full.” They say that this is the best way to get rid of autumn Blues.

“A good way not to be depressed in this weather is a lot of work,” she said. And I have to say, Olga is now really going through a difficult period in my life. Her husband, footballer Dmitry Tarasov was seriously injured and is now undergoing treatment in a hospital in Rome.