Премьера  финальной части франшизы «Дивергент» состоится на телеэкранах

The film company Lionsgate is seriously concerned about the fate of the franchise “Divergent”. As you know, the final fourth part of the film-antiutopii “Divergent, Chapter 4” should be out in cinemas in June 2017. But the premiere of the film on the big screen may not happen because of the competition that it provides the blockbuster “world War Z 2” and the reboot of “the Mummy”.

Studio bosses at Lionsgate, it seems that the final part of the series “Divergent” is doomed to box office failure. To such conclusions they came to based on box office figures, which showed “Divergent, Chapter 3: Behind the wall”.

The first two films of the franchise, “Divergent” and “Divergent, Chapter 2: Insurgent” was a box office success, however, published in the spring of 2016 film “Divergent, Chapter 3: Behind the wall” such results are not achieved.

Due to the potential failure of the fourth part the bosses are seriously discussing the possibility of moving the premiere of the film on television screens. However, while it is true. In Lionsgate from making any comment.

Recall that the first two films in the franchise earned in world hire more than $550 million Is the most profitable pictures Lionsgate in the United States after “the hunger games” and “Twilight.”

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