72-year-old Mick Jagger is not going to marry pregnant girlfriend

72-летний Мик Джаггер не собирается жениться на беременной подруге

Even in ’72, Mick Jagger remains such a heart breaker and a ladies’ man, as he was throughout his life. Recently the press reported that the musician is preparing to become a father again. 29-year-old mistress artist ballerina Melanie Hamrick pregnant.

It would seem that the logical development would be the legalization of the relationship, but Mick is in no hurry to lead a friend down the aisle. The reason that Jagger and Hamrick satisfied with their lives and do not want to burden her with a stamp in the passport.

“They often see each other, they like each other, but still want to live independent lives,” says the insider. — Melanie does not want to move from USA to England, and Mika all satisfied with the way it is. Miku like this form of relationship, and he doesn’t want to engage in some official relationship. However, the most important thing is how much he loves his children, and what good he has a relationship with them. It will support and love this child exactly the same,” added the informant.

At what period of pregnancy is Melanie, so far unknown.

Note that Hamrick was found in the way of Jagger in a rather difficult time – shortly after the death of his beloved Lauren Scott. According to close sources to the couple, Melanie was able to return to face Jagger’s smile. I venture to suggest that with the advent of the child, the life of Mika, and all sparkle with new colors.

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