The pregnant wife of Vadim Kazachenko met her future baby

Беременная жена Вадима Казаченко познакомилась с будущим малышом Olga traveled to the U.S., where they showed her the baby. Despite the adverse emotional background, which is associated with the expectation of a baby, the pregnancy, the young woman proceeds normally. Sad Olga Kazachenko only that it is not interested in the kid’s father.

      Беременная жена Вадима Казаченко познакомилась с будущим малышом

      Over the past few days fans of the star 90-ies Vadim Kazachenko discuss the scandal associated with his name. According to the legal spouse of the singer Olga Kazachenko, the musician tried to force her to abort a pregnancy, and when she refused to do so, put out of the house. Vadim Kazachenko left a pregnant wife

      Now Olga is going to become a mother, she had a pretty decent time. Not so long ago a young woman visited to the U.S., where she met her future baby. Together with Olga, the doctor’s office was visited by the journalists of the program “You wouldn’t believe!” of NTV.

      According to them, the wife of Vadim Kazachenko literally could not find a place in front of the examination were very worried. Because, as a rule, the ultrasound come couples who are waiting with trepidation for the baby and eager to see his first shot. And it is at this moment flooded not the most pleasant memories about how the child’s father demanded her to terminate the pregnancy.

      Беременная жена Вадима Казаченко познакомилась с будущим малышом

      But the doctors reassured Olga Kazachenko. Despite the fact that psychological and emotional background, which she is expecting a baby, is very adverse, the child develops normally. The expectant mother showed arms, legs and face of her baby, gave to hear the baby’s heartbeat.

      Беременная жена Вадима Казаченко познакомилась с будущим малышом“138 beats – this is the absolute norm of the ideal frequency, – said Olga doctor ultrasound. – But, see, face, nose, so he closed his eyes I watch as frowns funny, but the eyebrows are visible.”

      Olga Kazachenko result of visiting a specialist was satisfied. Her baby is healthy, and this is important. Sad about the mother only one thing – that the child is not interested in his dad Vadim Kazachenko.

      The singer these days is on tour in the Far East with concert “80s Disco”, where I went after leaving the hospital. According to the Director Kazachenko Irina Amanti, Vadim was forced to go to the doctors after his family story was made public. The heart of the performer of the hit “Hurt me hurt” could not stand the emotional stress, and Kazachenko had a mild heart attack.

      Meanwhile, a pregnant Olga Kazachenko, which was charged with the desire for self-praise, gave the answer all in the microblog.

      “I was in a very bad situation, I feel ashamed for myself and for my husband, that we brought up the fact that you are compelled to watch. I was convinced to the last that we will be able to resolve this within our family. But circumstances forced me to such a desperate step. All who accuse me of PR and that I brought the dirty linen in public, simply was not in my place or possess such enchanting cynicism, which I can not. Now I’m ready for all the dirt to be initiated by the management of my husband, then worse. Yes, I now walk down the street and look around, not knowing what to expect. But the truth is more expensive. Everything passes away, friends,” wrote the wife of Vadim Kazachenko.