Дмитрий Шепелев пошутил о книге Ольги Бузовой The TV presenter introduced his work in St. Petersburg. Dmitry Shepelev talked with readers and answered some uncomfortable questions. During the conversation with the audience the man allowed himself a caustic remark about colleagues.

      Дмитрий Шепелев пошутил о книге Ольги Бузовой

      Published a book Dmitry Shepelev “Joan” made a lot of noise before appeared on the shelves. The answers to the many questions the Russians have for those six years that Jeanne Fiske is dead, was this her civil husband in the program “Let them talk”. In conversation with Andrey Malakhov Dmitry Shepelev was very honest, but even after this interview question it has not diminished. Currently a father of a young Plato, his work is in many bookstores in major cities.

      So, on the eve Shepelev came to St. Petersburg “Park of culture and reading, Bukvoed”, to present his memories of the woman he loves. The presentation of the book caused great excitement, and Shepelev himself for nearly an hour answered questions about himself, the son of Plato, your plans. But, surprisingly, most of the questions were devoted to the problems of Oncology. Dmitry admitted that he set a goal to raise to a new level an important theme, which many chose to remain silent.

      Дмитрий Шепелев пошутил о книге Ольги Бузовой

      “Surprisingly, in Moscow before the presentation of the book, I had a meeting with journalists that for the past hour asked me about where my son, who is sleeping with whom, where the money is, in General, about anything, just not about the disease! At the same time, when I met with readers, I realized that not in vain wrote this book – I heard so many heartfelt and important stories associated with cancer,” said Shepelev.

      However, not everyone is liking the revelations of Dimitri. One woman poignantly remarked that his book is worth more than Pushkin’s work and asked a reasonable question: “Why?” Dmitry did not evade the answer, and allowed himself a subtle joke.

      “You, of course, I would like to hear what the bastard turned down a price, but it is not! Price books determine the publisher, so if you have a rotten vegetable, throw it in there. I note that the money that the author receives from the sale of this book go to the hospice charity Fund “Vera” to help dying people. So how much would the book cost, I hope that the money will benefit. And the subject of my special pride is the fact that my work is cheaper than a book Buzova,” said Shepelev.

      The meeting could not have ended without the main issue – what kind of relationship is now Shepelev with the parents of Jeanne. Hearing him, Dimitri smiled, “Well, finally! I was waiting for.” It seemed that in an instant Dmitri turned from good-natured and charming men in a scathing and cynical man who rather abruptly said, “yeah, you want to give advice to me and my family?” It’s obvious that this topic is unpleasant. After the meeting, Shepelev for another forty minutes, signed books, trying to pay attention to each reader and to make the coveted selfie.