Беременная солистка «Непары» готовится к родам в Майами Victoria talyshinskaya flew over the ocean for a longer period. The singer will soon become a mother. Together with Victoria Talyshinsky in Florida is her mother Larisa, which will obviously help my daughter with a newborn baby. In December the singer plans to return onstage.

      Singer Victoria talyshinskaya, who became famous thanks to his part in the duet “Nepara” is preparing to become a mother. The first-born 39-year-old singer will be born this fall. The soloist of the duet “Nepara” no longer hide the pregnancy

      The expectant mother is now in Miami, in a clinic which, probably, and will give birth to your baby. Their plans about the upcoming event Victoria talyshinskaya not divided. But it is unlikely that pregnant woman are at a decent time, will cross the ocean just for the sake of an exciting journey.

      In Miami, the singer, judging by the pictures in her microblog, a lot of walking, enjoying nature and breathtaking views of the ocean. Visit the Russian Church, where probably praying for the health of the unborn child.

      Together with Victoria Talyshinsky in Florida is her mother Larisa. The woman probably would help her daughter with a newborn baby, because in the decree, the singer does not intend to overstay. In a comment to one of her posts she said that in December she is scheduled to give concerts in Moscow.

      In the meantime, Victoria talyshinskaya focused on preparing you for the upcoming birth. Admirers of the singer compliments and wish that everything went just fine.

      “Nice easy delivery!”, “Happiness to you and your baby”, “Victoria, beautiful! Health to you, take care of yourself!” “How good you are, Larisa Nikolaevna huge Hello! Will soon be a grandmother!” – such comments under the photos of the singer leaving her subscribers.

      It is worth noting that the pregnancy Victoria talyshinskaya transfers very easily. She leads an active life, and until recently performed, including abroad. In August, the duet “Nepara” visited nice, where the artists not only pleased his fans but a little rest — got myself a shopping and taste local delicacies. And before that, a pregnant talyshinskaya performed on the stage of the Metropolitan yacht club restaurant. Together with Alexander, show they performed many favorite hits of the duet “Nepara”. The guests were satisfied with the concert. They also wished good luck to the expectant mother.

      Recall that the duet “Nepara”, which is known for such songs as “Another reason”, “Cry and see” and “God invented you”, broke up in 2012. But a year later, the artists decided to resume its activity, the initiator of this idea was Alexander, show. In an interview with “StarHit” the musicians said that the break in work has affected them favorably. Alexander and Victoria returned to the stage with new ideas and energy.