Макс Барских: «Мне становится все труднее найти вторую половинку» Singer and composer said “StarHit” about his views on relationships. Max Barsky admitted that he is quite amorous, but now all the forces directs the work and career. However, the musician already knows what would like to see my family.

      Макс Барских: «Мне становится все труднее найти вторую половинку»

      Almost every song max Barskih becomes a real hit. The musician never ceases to amaze his fans with new compositions and original clips. Creativity fuse artists enough to write music and poems not only for himself but for other artists. The actor admits that all the stories that he tells in his poems describe his personal feelings and experiences. In a candid interview with “StarHit” Max Barsky told what kind of family he wants to create in the future and why it seems that every year more and more difficult to meet his love.

      In the new clip with Daria Malygina you have quite a lot of explicit scenes. Not any romantic feelings between you in life?
      Макс Барских: «Мне становится все труднее найти вторую половинку»On the ground between us, really had some chemistry. Every time the camera, it felt like I known her my whole life and she is my soulmate. Outside of work, we see each other very rarely, so few know each other. —
      Broke out if ever the feelings between you and the girls you have filmed in the clips?
      Макс Барских: «Мне становится все труднее найти вторую половинку»I am a very amorous person, but I need to man was constantly near me. But the specifics of a romantic relationship on the set is that a few days later have to leave for a sufficiently long period.

      Earlier you said that you had a romantic relationship with Misha Romanova, the soloist of group “VIA Gra”. What is your relationship now?
      Макс Барских: «Мне становится все труднее найти вторую половинку»We broke up and our relationship, I think, will never end. Another question, what is the meaning of the word “relationship” we put with Romanova and some other people. We are more than just lovers, we are very close we can say that we are a family. At a certain moment in our relationship came a difficult period, we simply decided to split up and remain best friends. And now I realize that our Alliance is, perhaps, for centuries to come. We don’t restrain ourselves: together, stay away from each other… If we talk about creativity – recorded duets, sometimes, in moments of hooligan mood, doing daring photo shoots. And it’s much better than just relationships that can end with separation.—
      You’re usually pretty reserved talking about his personal life. What is the reason? Afraid of the evil eye or further ADO?
      Макс Барских: «Мне становится все труднее найти вторую половинку»I’m not afraid of anything, but I prefer to leave the personal personal and not live under the gun cameras. There are moments when I want to share happiness with the world. If or when it will come – I will tell you.

      You yourself write some lyrics and music, and it’s all about love. Where do you draw your inspiration?
      Макс Барских: «Мне становится все труднее найти вторую половинку»Of course, my songs – this is my personal experience. Even when I write songs for other artists. That is why, writing a few songs a wonderful and talented peers, I realized that I probably wouldn’t want to keep writing not for yourself. And the best inspiration for me, and I think for other authors, too, is love.Since most of the stories is really my personal feelings, and only some of them are the experiences shared with me by friends or family people. Less often it can be viewed the film, which caused in me an emotion for which I wrote the song.

      Thinking about starting a family, or consider themselves too young for marriage?
      Макс Барских: «Мне становится все труднее найти вторую половинку»At this stage I’m extremely busy to the max, and whole life is now dedicated to his career. Of course, I would like to keep my personal life was brighter, richer and more fulfilled. Besides, every year I realize that finding a mate harder and harder. But if I meet her, I am sure that I will be able to combine a career with personal life.—
      What kind of person you just couldn’t connect the life?
      Макс Барских: «Мне становится все труднее найти вторую половинку»I was straining hypocrisy, insincerity, anger.

      Now many couples choose not to go to the Registrar, and to live in a civil marriage. What do you think about this?
      Макс Барских: «Мне становится все труднее найти вторую половинку»When feelings are real, marriage or civil Union is a purely technical caveat. I did not think seriously over this issue. But, if we talk about weddings I’ve ever been in and even speak – it was more like a show for family and friends. As a rule, happiness and positive emotions from such celebrations are not only stress and irritability, the desire to please everyone… Which, in principle, wrong, because this day should be remembered as special in your relationship. And everything must be for you, and you do not have to think about anything and about anybody except each other. In this case the relatives and friends should just be there to support you. But it happens infrequently.—
      What kind of family you dream of?
      Макс Барских: «Мне становится все труднее найти вторую половинку»Probably, I will have enough two children – a boy and a girl, an older brother and a younger sister.

      Now you’re a popular artist. Were there times when he used her popularity?
      Макс Барских: «Мне становится все труднее найти вторую половинку»I don’t use its popularity as something special, but sometimes people perceive me differently. It is very nice when I can read at the airport, to come and spend, so I passed the queue. There are other small home, but nice moments. For example, the restaurant can submit a surprise from the chef. It’s certainly nice, but I never abused their publicity.

      You sing songs in Russian and in Ukrainian language under the name of Max Barskih. Why did you decide to speak in English as MICKOLAI?
      Макс Барских: «Мне становится все труднее найти вторую половинку»Because MICKOLAI is a little different music, it’s another part of me. The music I publish under a pseudonym – that’s not music max Barskih. I don’t know who and how to think, but I share these two areas.—
      Not so long ago you wrote in microblogging, happy with how you look and what your body. Why did you decide to bring it up? Sensitive to criticism?
      Absolutely not painfully, just people are sometimes very incorrect. Although it is customary for show business. For some reason many want to feed me, when I see one. And I don’t think this is correct, because I feel comfortable in that body, which I have. Moreover, I can afford to eat the way I want and not gain weight. From my father I inherited a good metabolism. The time paradox: if you went – you say that you are fat; lost weight – and you are anorexic. In our world people will not please. But the discussion on any external factor or data is the last topic I wanted to discuss my fans.