Николай Басков провел вечер с Аллой Пугачевой The stars had fun at the birthday party of mutual friends. In the classy restaurant, gathered almost all the elite of the Russian entertainment industry. In addition to Diva and Nikolai Baskov, the festival was seen Marina Yudashkin and Nikolai Tsiskaridze.

      Popular singer Nikolai Baskov, who made guest appearance on the eve of lavish parties, have a real holiday and for their fans. The singer has published in the microblog picture taken in the midst of a magnificent feast. Photo made a splash among subscribers Baskov – in the frame beside him depicted Alla Pugacheva, which has long indulged his fans with new images.

      “With Alla at a birthday party by friends – simply signed the joint with the Diva selfie Nikolay Baskov. Fans of the stars could not resist the compliments luxurious-looking Alla Pugacheva and thanks the singer for such a shot.

      “Alla beauty!”, “Thank you for the photo you wish you Alla it is beautiful! All the heat that is in our hearts, my sister give you Alla”, “great! Thank you, Kolya, for the wonderful photos! You with Alla Borisovna you look gorgeous! A great and fun night! Most positive and cool mood!” “Alla, how pretty you are! I love you since childhood!”, “You’re both beautiful! Handsome Nicholas and our beauty Diva! A pleasant and bright evening in the company of friends,” “Alla, as always, young and beautiful! I wish the Diva’s unfading eternal youth and beauty!”, “What a great photo! Nicholas, you Alla beautiful!” such enthusiastic comments left by fans under the.

      About who they were congratulated this evening, celebrities are silent. But it is obvious that the hero of the occasion is relevant to show business. In fact on my birthday to a fancy restaurant, he invited the members of the Beau Monde. In addition to Nikolai Baskov and Alla Pugacheva, the party was spotted by a Marina Yudashkin, Nikolai Tsiskaridze and other famous people in the country.

      By the way, just a week ago Diva, along with her husband Maxim Galkin received guests in his castle in the village of Mud. The occasion – a birthday, the twins Harry and Lisa. On September 18 the heirs of the star couple celebrated three years. Published the first photos from the festival of the children of Alla Pugacheva

      On the feast were invited Christina Aguilera with her daughter Claudia, Philip Kirkorov, Alla-Victoria and Martin, singer Jasmine with her daughter Margarita and other star moms and dads with children.