Влад Кадони потратил на бизнес больше 8 миллионов рублей Leading “House-2” has opened a boutique selling perfumes Kadono Studio. According to the stars of the reality show, not everyone will be able to purchase its products – the fragrance from Vlad will cost about 18 thousand rubles. However, the man is sure that the perfume will be a good demand.

      The magician Vlad Kadono joined the list of celebrities involved in the perfume business. A year and a half ago, 30-year-old leading the home electroni countries have decided to open a boutique selling perfume.

      “Kadono Studio is a social club, – says Vlad. We do not aspire to the mass-market, we swung on a very expensive niche perfume. Our perfume is a product for sophisticated people who understand that the flavor, which worked a strong psychic, is a physical substance that can affect the energy of the owner and the people around him”.

      According to Kadono, his perfume and toilet water endowed with magical properties, and each flavor carries some task – attracted to men, contributes to a swift marriage, helping to further your career or financial situation improves. The range of the magical perfume has more than thirty flavors. The minimum price of a vial of 50 ml – 18 thousand rubles.

      It is known that the product of the star is sold in the shopping center “Nikolskiy Passage”, located in the center of the capital next to red Square. “Each flavor is available in the amount of ten bottles – said Kadono. In other words, if the customer buys all of them, it can 100% be sure that nobody else will meet similar spirits.

      Perfumes from the psychics is in the Moscow laboratory is the leading “House-2” personally selected perfume for the realization of their ideas. At the base of the business Vlad also helped his fellow psychics: Victoria Raydos, Elena Yasevich, and Fatima Khadueva. To open and run the lab, Vlad has spent almost all his savings – more than 8 million rubles.

      “I want to note that the level of quality we go around many European brands,” says Kadono. Two weeks ago we participated in the exhibition in Florence, and the audience appreciated our product, noting that the perfume is quite similar to the made in Russia perfume. Unfortunately in Europe still think that we are able to show the world just stink with the smell of fir branches”.

      But, as it turned out, not everyone can become an owner of the spirits from Kadono – product banned for use by persons under 18 years of age. Also time use perfume should not exceed 10 months. The aroma penetrates into human energy and concentrated at a certain point, depending on the person effect, ” explains Kadono. – Prolonged use of perfume can be addictive, so we recommend you to take a break in the use of spirits – at least two months, or pick up the aroma of “partner”.