The police reported the shooting at the home of Kim Kardashian

В полицию сообщили о стрельбе в доме Ким Кардашьян
The mansion of the stars of the reality show broke criminals.

Kim Kardashian


Recently in the police Department in Beverly hills, where there is a mansion owned by
Kim Kardashian, a call was received from unknown
men. The caller stated that the house of Kim who broke in and was heard the sound of a gunshot.
At the scene was sent to the police.

Guards with great caution entered the house of the stars of the reality show.
However, the only person they managed to find in the mansion, was
the maid Kardashian. The girl was terrified sudden appearance
police. But she assured her doprashivali officer that the house no one else, and not
it was, and, even more, no one shot. It turned out it was someone pretty
a wild raffle .About it reported the website

Kim, which, as, indeed, and her husband Kanye West, the moment was not at home, I managed to report an alleged violation of
the place of the incident. And she was just in shock — after all, the star of the reality show
admitted recently that she still can’t recover after
criminal incidents in Paris in September last year. Then her
was attacked by five unknown men, tied up and threatened to kill her. Besides, Kim was kidnapped
then jewelry by almost $ 10 million. And although the French police
recently arrested the bandits, diamonds Kardashian was recovered. And she
still living in fear, fearing the vengeance of the remaining freedom of accomplices robbed
its criminals. So the idea so to make a joke that’s about Kim, was, according to
star is just outrageous.

“It’s not just completely ridiculous. Such “pranks” should be considered
as crimes. These “pranksters” makes sense to put under arrest. I hope
the caller will find!” – wrote Kardashian on his page in the social network.

By the way, Kim is not the only victim of such pranks. In
past targets of such unfunny jokes became Justin Timberlake, Ashton Kutcher and even Kim’s mother – Kris Jenner.