Kirkorov Pugacheva presented jewels in honor of the beginning of spring

Киркоров преподнес Пугачевой драгоценности в честь начала весны Diva gathered friends for a party in one of Moscow restaurants. Alla Pugacheva traditionally invited guests on the first Sunday of March and let spring. The diva was presented huge bouquets and decorations.

      For many years, Alla Pugacheva throws a party to mark the arrival of spring. On the first Sunday of March, Diva gathers friends and relatives to loved ones to celebrate their favorite time of year. These parties are not without surprises, which the participants of the event honored to be invited Alla Pugacheva, always happy to talk. This year the feast was held in one of Moscow restaurants. Alla Pugacheva is preparing a great party

      As planned, the holiday was in the Greek style, in his final mistress and her guests were beaten plates for happiness. Before the feast, according to tradition, the congregation repeated three times for the Alla Borisovna phrase: “Spring is allowed!” This phrase she signed a post in Instagram, posted on Sunday morning, thus officially declaring to the fans that the celebration began.

      Guests of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin became Phillip Kirkorov, Igor Nikolaev with his wife Julia proskurjakova, the singer Jasmine, Nikolay Baskov, IDA Dustman. Traditionally, everyone invited come to the feast with bouquets of yellow flowers. Alla Pugacheva believes that they are able to create a truly spring mood. Distinguished By Philip. As befits his status as the king of pop, he gave the Diva a truly Royal gift – a luxurious jeweled brooch.

      “Here is a yellow bouquet with a precious brooch already looking forward to our favorite mistress of the feast of the First Sunday of Spring, our dear and beloved Alia to congratulate Her and to allow the spring of 2017, for me personally – the anniversary”, – wrote in the microblog Philip before you go on holiday.

      It is worth noting that they have invented a holiday Alla Pugacheva looked incredibly fresh and luxurious. To meet friends she chose the white skirt to the floor, bright pumps and a black knitted blouse. The head Diva was decorated with a wreath of spring flowers. Fans of Alla, who saw her photos in Instagram, could not resist the compliments.

      “Alla is awesome!”, “Alla as always, gorgeous!”, “Alla, you all times of the year. In you winter and summer, spring and autumn! I love you! Wish to be happy at all times of the year, happy First Sunday of Spring!”, “Alla, the Spring is here!” “Alla is outside of time, outside of competition,” “Wonderful company and wonderful tradition,” discussing the photos from the holiday Diva with her loyal fans.