The players are fighting for life after plane crash in Colombia

Футболисты борются за жизнь после авиакатастрофы в Колумбии Also managed to save two crew members. In the Colombian city of Medellin, the plane crashed with the Brazilian football team, coaching staff and journalists. Six people fought for life, but two died on the way to the hospital.

      Футболисты борются за жизнь после авиакатастрофы в Колумбии

      In the night from Monday to Tuesday, 50 kilometers away from the Colombian city of Medellin while approaching the airport the plane crashed. The airliner was carrying the Brazilian football team “Epicoene” tournament in South American club, which is considered the second most important club competitions. November 30, in Colombia they were supposed to meet at the match with the local team of “Atletico Nacional”. Total on Board were 81 people – football team, coaching staff and managers, crew members, and athletes were accompanied by 22 accredited journalists who had to cover the upcoming game. Nine athletes from the team did not fly to the competition for various reasons.

      After the crash and received conflicting information. It was initially reported that after the crash survived from 10 to 13. Then the number of survivors was reduced to six. On the way to the hospital one passenger died. Colombian authorities confirmed that managed to escape three players – goalkeepers Danilo Padilla and Jackson Follmann, as well as defender Alan Russel. Also survived stewardess Jimena Suarez and another member of the crew.

      All survivors taken to the hospital San Juan de Dios. Danilo Padilla, who miraculously managed to survive, and soon died in a medical facility. One of the first people taken to the hospital, was Alan Russell. It is reported that the 27-year-old athlete hip fracture and head injury.

      According to one version, the cause of the collapse of the liner recognize the problem in the power supply system. It was also mentioned that in the tanks ran out of fuel, so the pilot asked the Manager that he be allowed to enter the gate. However, the liner never reached the airport. The aircraft belonged to the Bolivian airline.

      The crash did not leave indifferent many people around the world. They expressed condolences to the relatives of the victims, as well as to constantly monitor the progress of the investigation.

      “This is very sad news. We all certainly stand in solidarity with their families, friends, their community. We will do everything we can. It’s very sad. It is a tragedy,” expressed condolences to the mayor of the city of medellín.