Marina Anisina divorce Nikita Dzhigurda

Марина Анисина развелась с Никитой Джигурдой The lawyer of Olympic champion Sergei Zhorin announced on social networks that the court satisfied the claim of his client. Himself out of the chair did not come to the hearing in this case, although until the last moment claimed that he was not going to part with Anisina those.

      Today the Olympic champion Marina Anisina formalized the divorce showman Nikita Dzhigurda. This was reported by the athletes lawyer Sergei Zhorin in his “Twitter”. According to the lawyer, nor Anisina those, nor Dzhigurda was not in the courtroom. The ex-wife of the controversial artist is abroad with the children, and the chair can not recover from the recent video.

      We will remind that recently in the Internet appeared the video, which Dzhigurda making love along with businesswomen Lyudmila Bratash, who was unconscious. The woman was the godmother of the artist. Showman himself claimed that Lyudmila was aware of what was happening. Earlier at a meeting of the court in the case of the inheritance of the deceased actor confessed that he was having an affair with Bratash.

      “At the moment, Marina Anisina in Paris, in court it was not. After yesterday’s video of the chair locked house, refusing to come out. I think he has a creative crisis, so he did not come to court. I think the Chair needs immediate medical attention. People who care about him, should call a doctor. By the way, now he can be another problem. After the video, which appeared on the Network, he can initiate criminal proceedings on the fact of rape. This will happen if relatives Bratash make a statement”, – said Sergei Zhorin with “StarHit”.

      Note that sister Ludmila Bratash Svetlana Romanova had told the media that the army was involved in the death of her cousin. According to the woman, stealing from the apartment of the businesswoman were committed just that day, when the showman was celebrated in late the New year. Journalists were also informed that from the accounts Bratash lost money. In addition, the unknown stole the diamonds from the safe Ludmila. The next hearing in the case of Cooma Dzhigurda will take place on 9 December.

      About disagreements in the family Anisina and Dzhigurda became known in late October. Then the press published the statement of the sportswoman. The woman talked about the fact that she had irreconcilable differences with her husband. Another reason for the breakup Anisina those with flamboyant showman – different views on parenting. Because of this, in the family of celebrities were constantly arguing. The woman’s lawyer told “StarHit” that his mentee and the chair have not been living together.