The planned wedding Mariah Carey threatened

Запланированная свадьба Мэрайи Кэри под угрозой
Nick cannon gives the singer the divorce.

Mariah Carey’s fiancé James Packer

Photo: Splash News/East news

Mariah Carey is desperate. It is already being planned out
the wedding ceremony of your dreams. And, it seemed, the marriage of the singer with her fiancé, millionaire James Packer, nothing could stop it. Remained one
a small technicality: her previous husband Nick cannon had to already sign
long-agreed divorce documents. However, he can’t seem
to do so in the foreseeable future.

Mariah filed for divorce from Nick in August 2014
after 6 years of marriage. Said that cannon cheated on his wife at every opportunity. And
she didn’t want to put up with it, despite the fact that Nick was the father of her
twins — Moroccan and Monroe, which is now already five years old. Divorce
the process began quite peacefully. By December 2014, the couple managed
to reach agreement on the division of property and joint custody of children.
However, to sign the final papers Nick was in no hurry. And Cary is not particularly
disturbed – until then, until she was going to marry a Packer.

But after
in January of this year, James proposed to her, presenting the ring
incredible size diamond, 35 carats, that is more than a legendary stone that belonged to Elizabeth Taylor), she began to plan the wedding. It
supposedly was to be held this summer. However, the behavior of the cannon
broke all the plans of the singer. The strange thing is that Nick not only does not sign
of paper, but refuses to explain his motives. His friends claim that he
just don’t want to give up once he owned Mario different

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