Селин Дион рассказала, как она наказывает детей
The singer admitted, that does not always cope with their twins.

Celine Dion

Photo: Splash News/East news

In a recent interview
Celine Dion complained that her
have very difficult with her twins Eddie and Nelson. “My
sons are so close, they are like two pieces of a puzzle that fit together
other. And for me to get into their closed world, sometimes have to make
a lot of effort…” said Celine.

Celine Dion, who in January lost her
beloved wife of Rene Angelil, we have now very difficult. It
continues to mourn her husband, but she has to do
“resuscitation” of his career, which experienced a slight decline due to
she had a lot of time at the bedside of her husband. And besides
still has to deal with children. The eldest Rene-Charles for 15 years, and he gives her too much trouble. But six-year-old twins make her sometimes
to smash his head over how to get them to listen.

The very worst punishment for
they, as found, Celine — when they are separated, even if not for long.
“They just can’t live without each other. So, more fearful Eddie always hiding
behind Nelson, when it seems that there is some danger. But
Nelson’s another problem — it is difficult to make their own decisions. When I, for example,
ask him if he wants to drink, he usually responds: “And Eddie will be? If not, I don’t want…” said Dion.

As for professional activities
Celine, she is slowly getting better. However, recently the press agent of the singer
had to refute the rumor associated with her performances on stage in Las Vegas.
The fact is that recently the singer regularly performs with the new cute
guitarist Kevin Giruado, which accompanies the singer. And here
gossip spread the rumor that Dion had an affair with a young man. But
the representative of the singer has assured that between Celine and her guitarist, there are only
professional relationship, and they never meet outside the concert
or the rehearsal rooms.

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