Самолет Кейт Миддлтон и принца Уильяма вынужден был развернуться после сильного шторма

Самолет Кейт Миддлтон и принца Уильяма вынужден был развернуться после сильного шторма
The plane of Prince William and Kate Middleton was forced to make an emergency landing in Pakistan after they were caught in a violent storm, according to shocked journalists travelling with them.
Visit Kate Middleton and Prince William in Pakistan just made an incredible turn. Aircraft of the British Royal family that brought them to the country’s capital Islamabad, October 17, was forced to turn around and go back to Lahore, broke out in a terrible storm. The plane
was in the air for more than two hours during the flight, which was supposed to take only 25 minutes. The plane could not land on the Pakistani base of the Royal air force, and at a commercial airport, causing the pilot decided to turn back. The Duke of Cambridge, a former pilot of air ambulance, on a question of reporters of the Royal press corps, are they all right after hitting heavy turbulence jokingly replied, “I flew!”
Kate, William and the rest of the passengers and crew members landed safely at the airport in Lahore and was waiting for the storm to pass, to go back to Islamabad. “The plane @royalairforce carrying Prince William and Kate, just had to abort its landing in Islamabad in a strong storm after it was badly nitrosyls in the air, the RAF Voyager,
used for #royalvisitPakistan, turned around and just landed in Lahore — wrote the ITV NEWS Royal editor, who was on the plane with Kate and William. While the passengers of the plane and the Royal press “looked a little shocked,” Kate and William seemed happy and active.”

Chief foreign correspondent of People magazine Simon Perry also were on the plane, tweeted: “Phew. Landed! But in Lahore. A terrible storm hit when we were trying to land in islambade. Lightning seemed to hit the right wing. Despite all the efforts of the airplane pilot of the RAF Voyager of William and Kate, we were unable
to land.”
“To be honest … it was the most nervous I have ever felt in a plane,” continued the reporter.
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge has not commented on the incident.

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