Сэльма Блэр рассказала о подробностях своего лечения

Сэльма Блэр рассказала о подробностях своего лечения

47-year-old actress Selma Blair found out about his terrible diagnosis – multiple sclerosis more than a year ago. The celebrity was immediately forced to shave his head and to resort to using a stick for movement. But to surrender it does not intend, and this is every day announced to his fans. Yesterday, October 17, 2019, she gave a speech at the new York forum, where he shared his story about his aggressive disease.

First that the said actress is a complete lack of reaction of her body to all manner of treatment. That did not make the doctors, she every day became worse and worse condition dramatically deteriorated quickly than everyone expected.

In the end, the doctors decided to take the most extreme methods: stem cell transplant and very heavy chemotherapy, one Salma was extremely careful and always self-made disciplined choices.

“I had no intention of doing that. I thought I don’t want to ruin her body, what was left of him. Why do I need to enter this horrible drug called chemotherapy? I don’t have cancer! But I had no choice” -said the actress.

After small doses of chemotherapy Blair was much better and she decided not to stay. But before you take this step, the woman decided to communicate with his only son in case she dies. In a conversation with his son, they decided that there will be no funeral, the body was just cremated. Why the actress started thinking about death? Because she knew that she would deliver a lethal dose of chemotherapy, such as do people with cancer. Only the transplanted stem cells can save her from death.

Now, after such a major procedure, the woman is afraid to say, completely healthy. She is undergoing rehabilitation after an illness, but optimism it clearly does not hold. We wish that all health problems have a celebrity in the past.

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