«Фабриканты», которые пропали из виду: как сложилась их судьба When some of them sang: “Cool, you got on TV”, but now these artists, few remember.

      «Фабриканты», которые пропали из виду: как сложилась их судьба

      At the time, the popular project “star Factory” has produced a lot of talented artists, for which participation in competition became a kind of lucky ticket into the world of show business. Dozens of young performers toured the country, performing the hits that are still well remembered by the fans of the project. Someone after the “Factory” has managed to build a career, and someone disappeared out of sight and began to live an ordinary life where nothing is left fame, applause, and articles in the press. “StarHit” decided to recall the participants “Factories of stars”, which at the time was the talk of the country, but now, speaking on contemporary artists, their names there are few who call.

      «Фабриканты», которые пропали из виду: как сложилась их судьба


      This girl, the audience is well remembered still very young. When Alexander CHVIKOVA appeared in the fourth season of “American idol”, it was equal to almost every other teenage girl in the country. The charming singer sang songs in a very touching manner and overall gave the impression of a girl from a good family, which got a sea of parental love. Plush toys, with whom Alex has consistently appeared on the scene, and the variety of shooting for magazines, become a kind of hallmark of the young singer. The girl in an instant captured the hearts of many viewers and became an example to follow. It was during the participation of the Alexa in vocal competition appeared on the fashion velour tracksuits delicate shades, lip gloss to match the color of the skin and the tender image of a romantic person. Many remember such hits as “moonlight trail,” “Where are you” or “I live you”, performed by the 16-year-old Alexandra. In short, in 2004 Alex literally wildly popular, but after a couple of years all in one moment ended. The singer, who was considered a promising and very talented, at some point, it just disappeared out of sight. Several years later, the girl again tried to assert themselves on the musical career, signing a contract with Yana Rudkovskaya. With the help of famous producer girl has released an album and a video for the song “Vendetta”, however, soon and this song and the whole album, forgotten Russian listener. Many music critics assumed that the failure was associated primarily with an abrupt change of the image of the singer. Alex appeared very liberated girl in short outrageous fashions. In addition, 26-year-old singer turned to plastic surgery to augment the lips. Image selected Alexandra CHVIKOVA, was not in the taste of the audience. Now the star of “star Factory-4” living ordinary lives, which in detail is reported in Instagram. Sometimes she even publishes a short video, in which she plays world hits, and finds thereby a certain response among subscribers.

      «Фабриканты», которые пропали из виду: как сложилась их судьба

      Anastasia Kochetkova

      In the fourth season of the project “Factory of stars” appeared daring Anastasia Kochetkova, who instantly conquered gained popularity among viewers. Bold manner of execution of songs and distinctive voice with characteristic hoarseness brought Anastasia fame and public recognition. For the three months that the project lasted, Kochetkova repeatedly demonstrated strength of spirit and character. Soon she became a part of the team “Gang”, which successfully recorded the album, released music videos, and toured the country. In addition, the team Nastia was the only girl that gave her the image also features a sort of Tomboy-robber. During one of his speeches recalcitrant brunette drew attention to the blue-eyed man, who never took his eyes off her. He was a Director Rezo Gigineishvili, who had by that time famous highly successful film credits. Pair pretty soon formalized their relationship and in this marriage was born a girl Masha. Three years later, Anastasia and Rezo divorced, and since then the girl has almost not been heard from since. Not so long ago, however, Kochetkova recorded the song “I’m not me” and released a video on her, but the former glory to return to her failed. Now 26-year-old singer brings eight-year-old daughter and almost never appears in public. In addition, Anastasia stopped communicating with almost all the musicians, who previously could safely call her friends.

      «Фабриканты», которые пропали из виду: как сложилась их судьба

      Julia Michalczyk

      Strong voice and poignant rendition of Yulia Mikhalchik I remember the audience participation girl in the third season of “American idol”. For the sake of participation in the popular project of the young actress even gave up his studies at University. The blond singer was loved by the audience from the very first reporting of concerts. The girl showed himself as a very able-bodied and gifted singer, and in an instant became popular hits of his own. Many visitors to karaoke clubs still bought songs michalczyk “ice”, “Well, Hello, Peter” or “white Swan”. The very same Julia after participating in a TV show some time continued to speak at corporate events and various concerts or rock operas. In March 2013, the actress first became a mother, giving birth to a son Alexander, and for some time completely disappeared from sight. However, later still said that it did not intend to interrupt his singing career. At the moment, about the life and work of Yulia Mikhalchik, little is known. The girl stopped showing up at major events, her songs rarely aired local radio stations, and the younger generation doesn’t even know about it. Maybe in the foreseeable future michalczyk again going to assert itself, but until it is almost inaudible.

      «Фабриканты», которые пропали из виду: как сложилась их судьба

      Anton Zatsepin

      The blue-eyed bully Anton Zatsepin became famous thanks to the participation in the project “star Factory-4”. The blond sang songs in a special manner which distinguished him from the rest of the participants,and even won the third place. Popular Anton Zatsepin remained a few years, but soon began to live a normal life, which practically has not left the stage. Hum hits of Anton “shorter”, “Books about love” and “Wide river,” which he has presented in duet with Nadezhda Kadysheva think about it, every person who at the time looked “Factory of stars”. However, at some point the young actor simply disappeared. Only in 2008, Anton reminded himself, releasing a new video for the song “Fly away”, but it did not help it to regain its former glory. Zatsepin got married, became a father of a beautiful girl Martha and disappeared from the charts. However, the song “Wide river” from time to time twist on the “Russian radio”. By the way, in 2004, the song won first place in the hit parade of the radio station “Golden gramophone”. Last year Anton Zatsepin once again reminded of themselves and released a new song “You know”. 32-year-old artist has signed a contract with the record label “Good people” and began to tour with the program “Zatsepin. Return”. Anton also writes new songs, but music critics say that he was going to his concerts only those who were once interested in his work. To attract a new audience, according to critics, Zatsepina not yet possible.

      «Фабриканты», которые пропали из виду: как сложилась их судьба

      Alexander Balakirev

      A little red-haired Alexander Balakirev remembered by the audience with her powerful voice and bright appearance. Her appearance on “star Factory-5” played a significant role in the career of extravagant vocalist. It was there that a young artist won the audience love and recognition. In addition to the TV show the girl met Victoria Dayneko, communication with which has grown into a big and strong friendship. A few years later after the television show Balakirev was not to declare themselves as independent creative unit. For some time there existed a group of “Cuba” working in which she sang the famous “Cat and mouse” and “little boy”, but in 2009 the team ceased to exist.

      “The” star factory “participant” Alexandra Balakireva trying to regain its former glory

      Periodically Alexandra Balakireva performs at small events, but the new songs still not produced. In plans of the girl is recording her first solo album, but for many still known for those hits that Balakirev was singing, being a member of “Factory of stars” – “I’ll do anything” or “Engaged with the wind”. Alexander Balakirev is most often seen at events that are somehow connected with the work of her best friend Victoria Daineko.

      The “star factory” participant Alexander Balakirev: “I specifically went underground”

      «Фабриканты», которые пропали из виду: как сложилась их судьба

      Alexander Kireev

      In his time on the casting for the project of the First channel “star Factory-3” Alexander Kireev noted as a brilliant performer. The young man executed a rather touching love songs that were written by him during the period of participation in the contest. Blue-eyed brunette quickly gained popularity and audience’s love. Image Kireeva met at the school notebooks, in magazine posters at various key rings and stickers. A photo of this young singer was hanging on the wall of almost every teenage girl who watched “American idol”. And for his songs swirled in a slow dance in love with children’s summer camps. In short, at the end of the popular TV show Alexander Kireev has for some time been in sight, but soon ceased to appear at social events and on television. Only occasionally the name of a young artist was to hear when talking about new songs that he had written for its “factory” comrades. Now Kireev speaks very rarely. Increasingly, the 34-year-old graduate of “factory of stars” expresses himself more as a composer than as a singer.

      «Фабриканты», которые пропали из виду: как сложилась их судьба

      Elena Kukarskogo

      Groovy blonde with irregular shape members of the jury said at once. Elena Kukarskogo managed to pass the casting is largely due to the fact that it drew the attention of Alla Pugacheva. Diva has personally insisted that the young singer took it and gave her the chance to Express themselves on the show. During participation in “Factory of stars” Elena sang a lot of songs that are firmly entrenched in leading positions in various charts in the country. Many people now willing to sing karaoke or dance at events under the fiery hits “small”, “Ju-Ju” or “the Pianist”. At the end of the project, the young artist came under the wing of Maxim Fadeev. The famous producer has concluded her long term contract and wrote her many songs. For several years kukarskogo performed on the same stage with such renowned artists as Soso Pavliashvili, Valery Syutkin, Vitas, Professor Lebedinsky and the “Prime Minister”. However, soon the girl began to try myself in other spheres of activity. For example, in 2007, Elena has established itself as a young actress, starring in the television series of the channel MUZ-TV “Love is not show business”. After a couple of years, Elena admitted that she would also like to try their hand at directing. In 2009 the validity of the contract of Elena Kukarskogo with the production center Maxim Fadeev has expired, and she went into freefall. The girl always willing to invite to serve as jury member of various competitions of beauty, where, in fact, often it is and you can see. In September last year she first became a mother, giving birth to a son Fyodor. Since then, the 31-year-old actress finally disappeared out of sight. However, it is not excluded that soon kukarskogo decides to reassert itself and produce another hit.

      «Фабриканты», которые пропали из виду: как сложилась их судьба

      Yuri Titov

      The radio station “Russian radio” you can still hear the hits, performed by Yuri Titov. A graduate of “star Factory-4” in his time has won a special love of the audience and popularity with the songs “Pretend” and “Forever.” Many now remember this humble and at the same time, artistic young guy, clearly declared itself in the popular music competition. However, the creative career of Yuri Titov at some point interrupted. The musician from time to time has made some effort to re-assert itself, but the glory back to him for a while. Recently, the singer appeared on the casting for the musical project “Main stage”. Yuri made a bid for his unusual jazz performance of the song, but the selection is not passed. Behind the scenes of a show musical editor of the project Andrey Sergeev jokingly pleaded, “George, why do you need this? How long can you go on auditions?”. “Can’t help it, it’s a way of life”, – said Titov.

      «Фабриканты», которые пропали из виду: как сложилась их судьба

      Maria Rzhevskaya

      Among the former manufacturers of many of those who decided to try his hand in another direction. Young singers are willing to become composers, actors and models. It happened Maria Rzhevskaya. The graduate of “factory of stars” at the time I remember the audience’s own style of performance and a very strange appearance. The girl appeared before the public with extended fangs, creating the image of the girl vamp. The hits “When I’m a cat”, “Why I waited for you” and “bye-Bye” is still well known and remembered fans of the music competition, but the new material of the Rzhev for a long time did not hear. While cousin “of fabrikantki” Ksenia Larina actively performing and touring the country as a actress of musicals, she Rzhevskaya in films. Mary is not just attracted to shooting in American short films, and soon will premiere a feature film in which she plays the title role. However, the tape “Let the Die Be Cast: Initium” can be attributed more to the Arthouse cinema. However, as the paintings in which Rzhevskaya played previously.


      The decision to collect the collective singing of the graduates of “factory of stars-3” made by the famous producer Victor Drobysh. He was the initiator of the group “Tutsi”, which initially included just five girls: Irina Ortman, Maria werber, Anastasiya Kraynova, Yaroslavl Olesya and Sofia Kuzmin. However, the daughter of Vladimir Kuzmin left the band before its debut on stage. Undoubtedly, the biggest hit of the group “Tutsi” was always the song “most-Most”. It brought the four girls love and recognition of spectators. A little later, the girls released a self-titled album, which was not as successful as expected. For several years, the voices of the charming performers sounded different radio stations solely with the song “most-Most”. With the same hit singers were invited to corporate events. In 2006 the group “Tutsi” began to lose popularity. Girls played new songs, which spoke of hard-hitting music critics. Many felt that the girls began to sing songs, the texts of which contained a number of jokes, that is, below the belt. To repeat the success of the first hit after a few years of the group “Tutsi” and failed, and in 2012 the band broke up. However, Irina Ortman and Lesya Yaroslavskaya still trying to build a solo career from time to time, releasing songs and videos.