Стас Пьеха воссоединился с отцом Petras Gerulis came to the concert of his son in Nizhny Novgorod. Stas Peha was very pleased with the support of a loved one and remembered about his first meeting with his father, whose existence he found out a 14 year old kid. The singer tries to maintain dad warm relationship.

      On the eve of February 23 popular singer Stas Pieha gave a concert in one of the halls of Nizhny Novgorod. This solo performance has become the singer very exciting and memorable event, because he knew that among the audience is the most loyal fan, his father. Stas Peha remembered about her feelings for ex-wife

      Petras Gerulis came to the capital of the Volga region of Vilnius, where he lives for many years, specifically, to support his famous son during the concert. Then father came to the Stas in the dressing room and gave him a CD with own recordings. Meeting with a loved one so touched 36-year-old musician that he was reminiscing about his acquaintance with the father.

      “Told me once that my dad is, and he lives in Vilnius Year… in’ 94… And it was decided to send me to him to stay… the Weather was warm and Sunny, and I happily went on a journey by train in the morning I go out… Look Professor, in costume, with a beard and glasses… and simply did Not immediately recognize, in the photo he was younger and slimmer, came to the platform – I talked. Since 23 years have passed… Today he came to my concert, listened attentively, and could not hide his joy… Gave my original disc (in Lithuanian) and one asked anyone to listen not to give, so Sori. P. S. so Many years have passed, and the Professor himself does not change, suit, beard and glasses… the Creative intelligentsia of Europe,” wrote Stas Peha under the joint with the father.

      Touching story of father and son caused a storm of emotions from fans of the singer. They admire Stas, who maintains a warm relationship with a parent, despite the fact that he was not educated.

      “Stas, you are a big fellow. I think that dad is proud of you”, “the Main thing in life is made: the connection is not lost, the roots are fortified!”, “Worthy of respect. And thank your mom that has managed to preserve this critical Land link – Father and Son!”, “Thank you for the revelation you happiness and health to your dad! I’m glad he is in your life”, “Let your life father will always be! He needed the son, as the son of the father!”, “I think you both have something to say to each other, have something to share. The father and the son. Such communication cannot be substituted by anything else. It’s priceless,” share their views subscribers Stas Piekha.

      It is worth noting that the singer admitted in an interview that they do not hold resentment towards his father. They regularly talk on the phone, and more recently, Stas Peha supports Petras Gerulis financially, because he has become a pensioner.