Беременная Оксана Самойлова шокировала фанатов подарком для мужа Celebrity gave the chosen one an unusual gift. Oksana decided to wish the spouse in a special way. She focused on his preferences. Apparently, dzhigan appreciated the efforts of his beloved wife.

      Oksana Samoilova and djigan know how to pamper each other with expensive gifts, from which even members of the pair are delighted. On February 23, the star decided to give partner a rather symbolic thing to a vertical double-barreled shotgun. Followers astonished to see the page of the rapper. They did not expect that a businesswoman will make for your spouse just such a surprise.

      Pregnant Oksana Samoylova afraid of the status of a large family

      Obviously, Samoilov knew about the passion of Djigan. As it turned out, the man has long been a collector of various weapons, so he appreciated the gift of his wife. The actor did not hide his delight and shared his thoughts with fans. The views of Network users divided: some praised Oksana for her efforts and creativity, while others, on the contrary, found nothing exciting in the weapon. Interestingly, most followers of the rapper came to the defense of a pregnant woman, saying that nothing wrong in the gift no.

      “The best gift from my wife! Here is the beauty of “Beretta 687 Silver Pigeon 3″! Thank you, my love! Finally I got my classics collection! P. S. All decent and honorable men with the holiday,” wrote dzhigan in Instagram.

      Cost of Beretta 687 Silver Pigeon 3 is about 250 thousand rubles. Apparently, dzhigan have long planned to buy this gun, and Oksana in time picked up the idea.Committed fans of the pair to the last tried to convince other followers that any threat such a thing is not. According to subscribers, much better when they are bought for collecting, and not for any other purposes.

      “This is a gift in a men’s day! Much congratulations,” “It’s not socks with a razor to give. And don’t listen to anyone, you’re not going to kill it. Everyone has their Hobbies,” “You, the personification of masculinity. And this gift is very suitable. The true head of the close-knit and large family,” commented the gift the subscribers of the rapper.

      Surprises from Oksana Samoilova did not end there. Together with their daughters, Ariely and Leah, they made the Djigan lunch. Businesswoman took video as her heiress trying to demonstrate their culinary skills. The baby was very fascinated by the process. The results of the work they hastened to display the head of the family. He, judging by the video, I was extremely pleased with such attention.