New image Maria Poroshina has provoked heated debate

Новый имидж Марии Порошиной спровоцировал горячие споры The actress appeared in the form of a fatal brunette. Maria Poroshina admitted that the nature of her dark hair. Fans of the actress amazed her how amazing are the boldest changes.

      Disputes about who is actually gentlemen prefer – brunettes or blondes, does not subside until now, a clear answer was not found. While psychologists, stylists and even the British scientists argue, who should leave the palm, the women put a bold experiment, to change your locks or trying on wigs to try something new.

      So, to the ranks of the brunette decided to join the actress Maria Poroshina. The star of the series and mother of four children, which all have long been accustomed to see in the image of a gentle and defenseless blonde suddenly appeared in front of everyone in a very unexpected light. Maria Poroshina showed the result of losing weight after childbirth

      Mariya Poroshina has published photos, which it captured in the form of a fatal brunette with a feminine, but short hair. The actress did not elaborate, she dyed her locks, or simply tried on the wig, but told me that by nature she’s not a blonde, as many think, imagining her with any other hair color.

      “I was born a brunette, – told Mariya Poroshina under the microblogging. – First time I died in the film by Nikolai Lebedev’s “the Fan”. And so it went. From one role to another became lighter and lighter. Probably blond heroine seem more gentle. Gentlemen prefer blondes. I like dark women.”

      New image Maria Poroshina are unable to ignore its loyal fans. They immediately entered into a discussion on the eternal theme of rivalry between blondes and brunettes. Some argue that Poroshina should stay blonde, others impressed with her natural hair color. But they both agree that Maria Poroshina – incredible beauty, which still-to-face.

      “You’re beautiful in any color, but blonde makes you more delicate!”, “You’re just super, dark color you look”, “You much better this way,” “No, blonde is better, nicer, And still light the way I like it tender”, “the Dark makes you more natural, elegant and stylish”, “You are very beautiful and chic! You are any color, because the real beauty, not how to ruin”, “I too was born a brunette, but all my life almost live blonde” – such opinion was expressed by members of Maria Poroshina.