Олимпийский огонь довел Полину Гагарину до слез
The singer paired with Dima Bilan worked as a torchbearer.

Dima and Polina Gagarina

Photo: Instagram.com

This year Dima Bilan and Polina Gagarina had the great privilege to be in the role of torchbearers. Russian artists took part in the Olympic torch relay, running on a small village located near Rio. The first leg of the journey ran Bilan. The singer looked incredibly happy and proud. Behind him to carry through the streets a symbol of the Olympic games went and Pauline. However, affected by a strong emotion and the singer in tears from the strong emotion. At the end of responsible action, Gagarina said in an interview about their experiences. She admitted that experienced emotions, which are unable to cope.

All in all, since may 3, in the relay was attended by 12 thousand people. “The right to be a torchbearer is a great honor for me. The Olympic torch relay represents the Olympic values: respect, friendship and equality” Bilan wrote in a microblog.

Incidentally, Dima and Polina arrived in Brazil a few days ago. During this time the artists got acquainted with the culture of the country and has even moonlighted as a street musicians. It so happened that the Russian star sang with a local Amateur team, which plays under the open sky. Bilan Gagarina fun danced to local rhythms and singing place motivated street music group. How is their trip to Brazil, fans are watching with interest through a social network of Russian celebrities.

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