Иван Жидков пребывает в шоке от новой девушки A famous actor a few months ago, started Dating 23-year-old model Lily Solovieva. Ivan Zhidkov says that very quickly decided to live together with the beloved. The darling of the stars immediately adjusted his schedule and was fascinated by his wisdom.

      After the divorce with Tatiana Arntgolts, Ivan Zhidkov was very worried. The actor admits that he experienced great stress and anger. However, after a while the man got rid of the negative feelings, having met a new love.

      Chosen Zhidkova was the 23-year-old Liliya Solovyeva, whom he had met through the Periscope. Ivan first wrote the girl in the social network. After a while they saw each other in person. After Dating for a month, a couple decided to live together. “I had nothing to lose, and I decided: it will be, so be it. Lily – adult free girl, and even tattoos. So permit mom to live with me, she didn’t have,” – said Ivan.

      Liliya Solovyeva, who is studying in International environmental and political University, made up with Ivan this understanding. Lovers do not mind the age difference, as they otlichno get along with each other. She is not seeking to get married that suit the actor.

      “Lily I’m all in shock. She’s younger than me by eight years, but it never dragged me to a disco or a club. I see that a regular life it is quite satisfied. She shakes my nerves, for which I am very grateful. I give all I can, but if you feel that I start to pull strands all over. I need to take this for what it is. A woman needs to fill my life with light, so those who are prone to depression, I run headlong,” said Zhidkov.

      Despite the fact that Zhidkov was divorced with Tatiana Arntgolts, he continues to communicate with the actress because they have a daughter Mary. But first after a breakup with his ex-wife, the actor was very difficult.

      “I can’t call it depression. I had a normal mood, but physically I was falling apart. Our thoughts and feelings are very closely connected with health. Stress, disharmony, jealousy, anger, irritability are directly reflected in the physical condition of the person. Evil men I’m not jealous — they themselves eat”, – said Ivan in an interview, “Panorama TV”.

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