Полиция Нью-Йорка готовится арестовать Харви Вайнштейна
Gathering evidence of his guilt is almost complete.

Harvey Weinstein


As reported, a police spokesman
New York Robert Boyce, head
the investigation of the allegations against Harvey Weinstein, law enforcement officers
almost completed the collection of evidence and preparing to put on Harvey’s handcuffs. For
do this now just the decision of Manhattan district attorney — Cyrus Vance, who pre –
familiar with the matter. As stated by Boyce, assembled a huge amount of information that
the investigators will submit to the court for consideration by a Grand Jury.

We will remind, the scandal around
Weinstein began last fall, when Harvey was reported to the police numerous
the complaint, which accused the producer of sexual harassment and even
rape. Currently
Weinstein said more than 60 victims of women. Among the victims of Harvey
and such famous actress like Angelina Jolie, Uma Thurman, Gwyneth Paltrow, rose McGowan…

As told to Boyce, one of
most convincingly proven cases — the story of a young actress
Lucia Evans. Her, according to evidence gathered, Harvey forced
to have sex with him in the building of the film Studio Tribeca in London, although it is, as confirmed
witnesses vigorously protested and resisted.

Most police officers
studied dozens of cases, was struck by the fact that Weinstein has been so long
to hide their crimes. “It is impossible to believe that this one does not
knew!” said Boyce. As it turns out, apparently, do
many knew about the actions of Harvey, but chose to remain silent. New to this,
example: they repented one important officials of the film Studio Weinstein — Mamah — Paul Webster. “I knew a lot, but
prefer not to mention it.
I chose the path of concealment. For me it was a kind of “Pact with the devil”,
which I made for her career…” — repent now of Webster.

Sam Weinstein still denies his actions, which can be
considered as a serious criminal offense — that is rape. What
for harassment, he still felt it necessary to apologize to the “offended”
their women, however, never naming any names.