Весенне-летние тенденции: акцент на ногти “StarHit” learned about the latest innovations in the world of manicures and pedicures. With the arrival of the new season the specialist told us about what trends in the colors and shape of the nails will be relevant in the upcoming season.
Весенне-летние тенденции: акцент на ногти

Manicure has long been a separate accessory. It is on the nails you can realize all your wildest fantasies, if you have not yet decided on bright colors in clothes. Manicurist Maria Dolbeneva talked about fashion trends this season.


Most popular colors of 2018:

– calm gray

spring Crocus

– barely purple

purple shades in different variations

– lavender


– pale pink

– light brown

– deep red

– cold green

yellow shades.


For those who like quieter colors fit:



– pale pink


– pale blue



– insanely beautiful ivory color – ivory.

Весенне-летние тенденции: акцент на ногти

As for spring, the trend are pastel shades and vibrant bright colors such as fuchsia. At the peak of popularity remain the gold and silver nails. You can cover this with varnish a few fingers or just make a chaotic brushstrokes. This manicure will undoubtedly attract attention and looks spectacular. At the peak of popularity will also be the style of nude and translucent shades.

Don’t go out of fashion (at least this year) plain red nails and a classic French, so feel free to use them. The combination of pastel shades, pink and white, fits all and is appropriate in any situation – in the office, at a business meeting or a date. This manicure can be supplemented by the design, for example, the “photo slides” on a couple of nails or inlaid stones. The black color can also be attributed to the classics and a win-win! It can combine with white, beige, gray or pink. White mother of pearl will be relevant both in summer and in spring.

Весенне-летние тенденции: акцент на ногти

In the summer of 2018 will be relevant bright neon shades combined with white and pastel tones. For example, powdery blue looks great on short nails and tanned skin. For the conservatives will approach the color of coffee with milk, which can be worn in a glossy and matte version.

For an evening out, use the deep rich colors: blue, Burgundy, wine, plum.

Весенне-летние тенденции: акцент на ногти


Focus on naturalness. Nails should not be too long, but not critically short. All of a sudden come back long and sharp nails of a predator. And if you want this form looked less challenging, use to cover sudovye colors: milky, beige, light grey or pale pink.

Весенне-летние тенденции: акцент на ногти


Many girls love to cover the nail varnish, but make unique design. One of the symbols of 2018 – it is brilliant. Nails inlaid with stones and sequin are as relevant as ever.

Also in fashion:

– manicure with gradient transition from one color to another or airbrushing

– nautical theme

– fashion (shoes, purses, etc.)

– abstractions (lines, circles, spots)

– glitter (glitter, foil)

– geometry

– 3D art.


Outdated transparent hole, very catchy drawings, “art gallery” nails and the bright colors. Less popular will be of the form: “Pointe shoes” and long acuminate.

But do not forget about the main thing! Even the most beautiful and stylish manicure will look horrible on groomed hands.