Любовь Толкалина подогрела слухи о романе с Борисом Гребенщиковым The actress posted a touching video, which sings the famous rocker. Internet users have concluded that it is a Declaration of love. And again talking about the fact that between Love and Boris Borisovich not just friendships.

The theater and film actress Lyubov Tolkalina in January of last year officially announced that he had separated from her husband, the father of her only daughter Mary, Egor Konchalovsky. They were together for about 20 years, Tolkalina and Director came together in the summer of 1996, in 2001 they had a daughter, but the relationship actress and Director and is not registered. Despite the gap, they managed to maintain friendly relations. Love congratulates former happy birthday, Egor publicly supports the ex-wife in all endeavors. However, Konchalovsky’s new love: last year he married the lawyer Maria Leonova, again became a father in April 2017 Director, was born the son of Timur.

But the 40-year-old Tolkalina officially alone. However, last year had spread rumors that the actress romance with the musician, the leader of group “Aquarium”, Boris Grebenshikov. The reason for discussion was the joint photo love and Boris Ivanov, who were in the Network.

Tolkalina Grebenshchikov invited to make a video about the affair

Then Tolkalina denied the gossip, saying that they Grebenshchikov old friends. However, now the actress has again forced to speak about itself and the musician. March 8, she posted a touching video in which in a whisper sings the song of BG “Not waste time”. Love admitted that it hurts, but members concluded that this movie is a kind of Declaration of love.

“39 was changed to 38, Bengalese and asthma… and it’s a gift, of course… for the feast… begin to apply the beating of the sacred Tulip…. well daily (writing space)”, signed Tolkalina videos.

In the video, where she sings his song, the actress is barely holding back tears. Fans immediately decided that this was a “letter to space” addressed to one person – Boris Grebenshchikov. The musician is now also sick, he is in the hospital with pneumonia. Malaise of the artist is so serious that all the concerts of the group “Aquarium”, scheduled for this spring was canceled.

“I think this is the main song for the main man,” – commented on the roller members. And wished her a speedy recovery love.