Именная звезда Мэрайи Кери была испорчена вандалами

Lately in my life Mariah Carey happen not the most pleasant event.

Not so long ago the singer divorced husband and father of her children Nick Cannon. After some time, she found solace in the arms of the Australian billionaire James packer. The businessman made the singer a proposal of marriage, and in a couple of months before the wedding decided he didn’t want to link their fate with the extravagant star.

Next challenge, Keri was the performance on a Christmas tree in new York that she is “ruined”.

Mariah never learned the song was to perform, and just walked around the stage silently, while her dancers tried hard to save the situation. Later it turned out that Carey had not even held a dress rehearsal before the concert, confident that she can handle it the first time.

This oversight Mariah was unable to forgive the audience, and she doubted if she deserves star on walk of fame in Hollywood, which she received in 2015.

Unidentified ruined a personalized tile star given its name huge question mark.

The Hollywood chamber of Commerce, which manages the walk of fame, immediately called the police and hurried to replace the tile. Is this replacement, I must say, not cheap — $ 1,500. The hooligans were caught on camera, now they are wanted by the police, and severe punishment can not be avoided.

However, were they so wrong?