Кирстен Данст объявила о своей помолвке
The actress has decided to marry a new boyfriend.

Kirsten dunst and Jesse Plemons


Fans of Kirsten dunst were surprised by the news
the engagement of 34-year-old actress with her colleague on the series “Fargo” actor Jess Plemons.
The fact that it was first seen in the company of Jess just a little more
than six months ago. And, until recently, about the affair was known only to a few — they
managed to meet, without attracting too much attention. But in all
likely, the actress is so confident in the feelings — both his and his
boyfriend, that decided to join him in marriage. About it reported the Internet-the edition

Before meeting with Plemons, Kirsten had an affair with another actor, Garrett Hedlung. Their love story
lasted four and a half years. They were engaged and dunst did not hide,
I was very happy with my relationship with Garrett. Kirsten claimed that
Hedlung — her soul mate and she is happy with him. Everyone was waiting for the message about the date
impending nuptials, but instead, in April 2016, the actress suddenly announced that
she broke up with Garrett, while not explaining what made her
to make this unexpected decision.

Before Hedlung from dunst was a pretty rich experience in
part novels with colleagues on show-to business. The fact that the actress was in
Hollywood “party” as a kid. After all, she starred in the movie “Interview with
a vampire” (brad pitt and Antonio Banderas), after which
talking about her undoubted talent when she was only 12 years old. Since then
Kirsten has had a number of novels with famous actors — Tobey Maguire, her
partner in “spider-Man”, Jake Gyllenhaal, Adam Brody, Justin
Long… But not one of her old friends Kirsten to the crown never came,
though he never hid his desire to become a married lady. Hopefully,
this time — with Jess Plemons —
her long-time dream will come true and she will find happiness in family life.